7 Best Ways To Earn Money From a Blog

best ways to earn moneyWhat is the first question (Ok not first, but still one of the early questions) that arises in the mind of every blogger after starting his blog?  How to make money from his blog? And, I think most of you will agree to this. Increasing traffic, Building loyal readership base, unique high quality content – A blogger do all these things just to generate a decent amount of income from his blog. If you a new blogger and haven’t decided that how to monetize your blog. Then don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of most popular and best ways to earn money from your blog.

Join ad networks

This is the easiest way to monetize the traffic of a blog. You can join big Ad networks like Adbrite and Google Adsense and start earning money instantly. But, since it is the easiest way to earn online and you don’t have to do any hard work except creating an account with Ad networks and pasting their codes on the blog, the money you earn from this method is very less. You’ve to rely completely on the stats of Ad networks – Number of impressions, clicks etc and wait to reach the minimum payout threshold. This method works well only for blogs having decent traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

The other most popular way to monetize a blog is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a bit advanced type of advertising than joining ad networks. In affiliate marketing, you have to join and affiliate network and select a relevant product to promote on your blog (network). When any of your reader buys a product (using your affiliate link) you get a commission from the sale. Again, the money you can generate from your affiliate campaign depends completely on the products you promote (products relevant to your blog will perform better), the amount of traffic you get, the level of credibility you have amongst your reader.

Sell your own products

Earning money from blog is not limited to selling ads. You can do it by selling your own products too. Develop a high quality product (it could be e-book, course, software, WordPress theme etc) for your readers and promote it on your own blog.

Use your Blog as Portfolio

The best thing about the blog is that anyone can access it from any past of the world, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You can use your blog as a portfolio for your new clients. Publish your past work samples on your blog. If you are a copywriter you can publish sample articles, if you are designer you can publish the designs you’ve created, if you are Interior decorator publish the photographs of home where you worked.

Sell Text Links

As more and more websites are being created everyday and every one of them want to achieve top ranking in search engines, the text link market is growing at the rapid rate. You can join networks like text link ads, Sponsored reviews or web masters to find advertisers. Though, selling text links are against the search engines guidelines so make sure that you don’t oversell links that can raise red flags for search engines or disturbs the experience of your readers.

Create more than One Blog

Earning decent amount of money from blog is comparatively difficult than earning small amounts of money from multiple blogs. Create multiple blogs. Automate and outsource as much work as you can – like installing blogs, publishing articles, link building etc. So, you can focus on monetizing blog traffic.

Sell your Blog

The last method you can use to earn from your blog is to SELL IT. Many online businesses have interest in buying well established blogs which they can use for their marketing purposes (as it saves them from all the pain of starting a blog from scratch). The amount you can earn by selling your blog depends on the readership and influence your blog has in the community.

These are the seven common ways to earn money from your blog. No matter which method you use to monetize your traffic, you can’t expect to get rich overnight. Earning money from blog is easy, but earning a decent amount of money requires patience and consistent hard work. Do you know of any other method to earn money from a blog? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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