Things You Should Not be Tweeting on Tweeter

best twitter tipsYou must have been reading about people getting into all sorts of troubles because of their tweets. Some employees found it an ideal place to vent out frustrations against their employers. What they forget is that it is a public forum and before soon their tweets will be brought to the company’s notice, and they are sacked (for obvious reasons), and getting sacked from your job is not the only thing, we have listened about people getting sued or reputations getting tarnished because of tweets. Such incidents are not rare. People use social networking sites blindly, without giving a second thought to consequences. While Facebook statuses are privacy protected, Twitter is an open place where anyone can read what you have put down. There are certain things you must remember and avoid while using Twitter.

Hate Messages for Your Employer

You may have the world’s worst boss but talking behind their backs on Twitter isn’t the best way to get at them unless you aren’t really interested in your job. Even then, it’s better for you to act dignified and confronts a bad boss instead of becoming a disgruntled employee who resorts to vent his/her frustration through Tweets. You may never know when someone who is not your well-wisher will go through your profile, not only will you lose your job but will also be keeping your reputation at stake too.

Joke Messages Regarding National Security

Unless you want the intelligence or security officials banging down your door and arresting you under charges of “suspected terrorism”, you better be aware of posting sarcastic or shoddy messages regarding national security. There have been many cases reported where certain people joked about bombing a plane, retaliating against the government and in the end faced consequences because the authorities actually came barging down on them. It’s easy to track your IP address, so don’t think its harmless fun writing random thoughts on Internet.

Radical Messages against Religious Groups

The world is already going through a lot because of people taking religious differences a little too seriously, and it’s simply not fair for you to post radical messages against any religious group. A social networking site with all its reach should be used to promote peace and share information; not for you to write degrading comments about a religious or social group. Such instances can provoke anger, hatred and even civil havocs.

Love Messages for Your Beloved

Agreed that you love your partner a lot but that simply doesn’t mean you should go on using a public forum to get all personal with him/her. This shows off as very sleazy and disrespectful for both you and your partner, not to mention the embarrassment if you mess up with the privacy setting. Recently, there was a news of a teacher posting some “personal” pictures of him for his girlfriend on Facebook which were discovered by others, and he has to resign. So, you should be using Twitter mainly for sharing news, insight, quotes, opinions, updates, instead of those personal messages.

Your Daily Log

Trust me; no one comes to twitter to know you had a bad day at work, you had a fight with your spouse, or that life isn’t treating you right. Such messages are a Big No for anyone looking to build a professional standing on twitter, because these tweets will show you as a cry baby who has not yet learnt how to deal with the daily ups and downs of life.

All in all, it is better that people be aware of online privacy issues and understand the fact that no matter how strong the network privacy settings claims to be, there is always a chance that can expose your words and get you in trouble. Think of Social networks like a busy street. Whatever you do is visible and people can judge you, like you, hate you, respect, or thrash you for things you are doing.

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