Why You Must Improve Your Business Signage to Be Successful

improve your businessYou might already have a business sign. Why do you need a new one? You might not, but then again you might. If your sign is showing its age, it’s got some wear and tear on it, and the colors are faded, it might be time to look into a new sign. Few business owners spend enough time on their signage, but it’s the first thing people see when they walk into your establishment. It could mean the difference between a sale and no-sale.

It Builds Your Brand

While business cards spread your brand, signage builds it. You can put a business sign pretty much anywhere zoning laws allow you to. Most businesses put one in front of their establishment. However, you can also put one in your lobby. Why would you do that? It adds to the atmosphere, and enhances your brand.

The more people are exposed to your brand, the more likely they are to remember you the next time they need services similar to yours.

It’s Good Advertising

Signs are good for more than just decoration. Have you ever seen a sign for a large chain restaurant, or some other store, along the side of the highway? These signs work. Many business owners discount the idea that signs can serve as advertising, but a well-placed sign can be very effective at drawing attention to your company. You can even use LED Neon Sign to attaract customers during night time.

Business signs take advantage of the idea that most people live their life according to a set routine. They take the same way to work everyday, for example. A business sign that’s positioned on the side of a busy road, or a highway, always gets seen by the same people. If the sign displays your company’s name, logo, and a unique value proposition, and a way to contact you, it’s suddenly become a valuable marketing tool.

The more times that your message is seen, the higher the probability that someone will stop in and buy something from you.

It Improves Your Image

Part of running a business is building your company’s image. Coca-cola has spent literally billions of dollars building its brand. It’s logo is infamous, and so are its signs. You’ll never mistake another beverage company for this one.

You may not have billions to spend on your signage, but you don’t have to. Odds are you have enough business right in your own town or city to keep your corporate account full of cash. All you have to do is get your brand’s image out there.

The kind of image you project is important too. Let’s take our Coca-Cola example. Coke uses red. That’s significant, because red is a very passionate color. It’s clear that coke wants to invoke a sense of passion and excitement about its brand.

Other colors, like white, green, and blue, are all soothing colors. It really comes down to what you want your customers to think about your company. Incorporate soft colors if you want to instill a sense of calm in your prospects while simultaneously building an image of trust. Use red and yellow to invoke a sense of excitement. Use white to portray purity, and black or gray to give your brand a sleek, sophisticated image.

All of these can be worked right into the sign too. Metallic signs are usually black, gray, or polished. This gives your company that sleek, industrial, modern look. Plastics can be dyed to just about any color. Glass is a proxy for white or clear – invoking a sense of elegance and purity.