Using Greeting Cards as a Marketing Tool

Greeting cards have been around for a long time so why not use them to market your business? They are personal and effective in delivering your message and can be a lot more emotional than an email would be. The picture and or note combination can convey your feelings and you can add whatever message you like onto the back specifically for the person or organization it is intended for.

The very fact that greeting cards are so personal is what makes them great for businesses. The warmth and sincerity that we naturally associate with greeting cards does not lose its effect when sent by a business. Where people are mostly used to emails, mass emails and quirky digital greeting cards, the real thing can have quite a profound effect. It is a truly refreshing marketing tool that conveys to the reader that an important relationship exists between your business and the customer.

Greeting Cards as a Marketing ToolAs a marketing strategy, greeting cards are extremely effective. Companies have to find ways of overcoming their competitors and the quality of the relationship you maintain with your clients and contacts is a key aspect of doing this. Greeting cards can also be effective for clients because a card is a welcome break from the cold calls and mass emails they usually receive on a daily basis. A brightly colored greeting card wishing a client Happy Holidays can entice them towards the product rather than scaring them away with cold calls.

Furthermore, greeting cards are far more personal than a cold call or email could ever be. The format and the emotions associated with cards means that a lot more can be said with them in fewer words. A card allows for more creative slogans that may seem too personal on a call but are accepted and even appreciated in a greeting card.

This type of strategy is also very cost effective for businesses. Starting from 39c apiece they wont break the bank and will almost certainly be read by the recipient. Small businesses and start-ups often hinge on marketing strategies like greeting cards to get them underway and build up a customer base. Seasonal greeting cards, such as the ones sold by Inwood Greeting Cards, can be especially effective as people are often more open to new ideas and products during the holidays.

Using greeting cards with established clients is an especially effective way of saying ‘Thank You’. Thank you cards are more personal than an email and are far more effective as a result. Also, greeting cards are often passed around between people so that clients receiving a thank you card may pass it around their office or post it on their wall. This sort of exposure is some of the best marketing a company can have, as the message will reach a far greater number of people than the single person it was intended for ()at a fraction of the cost). This way, the name of your company will be in the backs of peoples’ minds and will ideally be the first name that pops into their heads when your line of business is brought up.

Most importantly, greeting cards are quick. They are one of the best marketing tools because it does not take the usual five to ten exposures before a sale is made. With a greeting card, the client will remember the business they received it from and, if they appreciated the card, will turn to that business when they require its services.

Finally, greeting cards are an essential tool in any self-respecting businesses marketing repertoire. Seasonal greeting cards show that you care and can help forge a sincere relationship with the client, while thank you notes are fundamental in maintaining a strong connection and upholding communication with the client. Greeting cards can also be an inexpensive alternative to other marketing tools for small businesses or start-ups that do not have the capitol to compete with big businesses in financing extensive marketing campaigns.