Best Shaving Tips For Men

Welcome back. Today we have gathered 5 simple best shaving tips for men. So, if you are after a irritation-free, super smooth shave, this special post is for shaving tips for men

Simple Tips For Perfect Shave

1. Always try to shave after or during a shower. If you don’t have time for a shower, wrap a warm towel on your face for few minutes before shaving. Warm water or a bath hydrates your skin, and your skin gets ready for a smooth shaving.

2. A shaving bush is a very important tool for great shaving. This tool brings huge improvement in shaving. A shaving brush creates a creamy lather and also gently removes the dead skins from face before shaving, which helps you to get a neat clean shave. So, when you shave next time, wet the brush with warm water and place adequate amount of shaving cream in the center of the brush. Then apply the cream in a circular motion to get a smooth and close shave.

3. Apply shaving cream or shaving gel into your face before shaving. A quality shave gel or cream is key to a smooth shave. Keep it on your face for few minutes. Most of the men just apply the cream or gel and shave. There are also different types of shaving creams for different types of skins. So, before investing in a bottle of shaving cream, don’t forget to check whether the cream or gel suits your skin or not. Using the right product for your skin type keeps your face at its softest (and also irritation or prevents redness).

  • Men with dry or sensitive skin should go for shaving gels, which are more more hydrating as compared to the creams.
  • Men with oily skin should pick creams as their richer lather allows blades to get closer to skin and and also protects skin.
  • Men with normal skin can go for both either cream or gel. Just it should have some moisturizing ingredients, like glycerin.

4. To get an extra close shave, you can re-lather your face and slowly shave against the grain. Do it gently and give your face a smooth touch finish

5. After using a blade for several shaves, the blade becomes dull. Never shave your skin with a dull razor blade. It can destroys your beautiful skin even if you use a very lubricating high quality shaving cream. So, to avoid bad shave and skin problems, replace your old blade with a new one regularly.

6. Also avoid disposable razors. Most of the disposable razors are cheap, flimsy and can’t give a clean, close and fresh shave. As you use this tool everyday, you should invest in a quality instrument. Why don’t you spend your hard earned money on a good quality electric shaver? A best electric shaver for men can give you a surprisingly comfortable quick shaving experience. Now a days, most of the men prefer electric shavers over traditional razor blades. Using electric razors, you can also go for dry shaving. They are great for traveling and last much longer as compared to traditional blades. You can also try a multi-blade razors for comfortable and close shave.

7. Everytime after shaving, rinse your face with cool water and then apply a good quality after shaving cream or lotion without irritating alcohol. A good after shave lotion or balm should have many attributes like be able to rejuvenate skin, protect, irritation, and also relieve redness. Get a  moisturizing after shave lotion or gel for your skin. It will not only help to look your skin better, healthier, and even younger but also leave your shaven skin soothed and pleasantly cooled.