Why Translation Project Management is Essential?

Management of project is a far-reaching issue which has a great impact upon all kinds of industries and sectors. Larousse encyclopaedia defines project as an “objective” which “one seeks to meet”. Some newbie translation clients think that the automation of a project management is done by some special software. But, in reality, no software in the world can be a substitute of managers of human project.

Translation project management is the process of carrying out a project to complete it within the deadline by meeting all of its built around conditions. Every project has its own difficulty levels and set of challenges. To start a project for translation, the managers first of all, try to get a clear idea of the scope of the project. This project scope entirely depends on requests of the client. Then, they check the requirements of the project to ensure the accuracy. Managers of translation project should figure out perfectly the procedure for carrying out the work.

Significance of translation project management

The translation act is performed under different status and various environments. There are many translators who are working in the public region or in an organization. Whereas, other translators are serving the intrinsic department of translation in some private companies. In both the cases, when the internal pressure of work becomes too high, the company decides to pass on some of its projects to other freelance translators or agencies of translation companies.
Translation Project Management
Generally, these kinds of translation companies don’t have much remunerated translators. That’s why; they have to depend on the freelance translators. In few cases, the translations done by the freelancers are once again checked by internal translators who are known as “reviewers”. Sometimes, the quantities of translation work need the assistance of the reviewers who are independent to the agencies of translation. In fact, the task of an organisation is endowed with the project manager. However, the role of the project managers is not only restricted to the transferring of files, but it also encompasses many other hardcore tasks.

To get a better understanding of the project management, you have to go through the different phases of a translation agency’s project management and the role of the manager during its various stages.

Different stages of translation project

  • The first step is to contact with different clients.
  • The second step is to get a new project
  • Then the manager should analyse the project carefully. This is the third step.
  • The fourth step is to prepare a proper plan of the project.
  • The fifth step is to launch the translation project.
  • The sixth step is to monitor the project.
  • Now, the seventh step is to complete the production.
  • The eighth step is to recheck the project.
  • The last step is to archive the translation project.

While you select the company for your translation project management, don’t forget to meet with the potential project manager. This is very essential for the successful completion of your translation project.