The History of Comcast Communications And Mass Media Companies

Comcast is one of the largest communications and mass media companies in the world. They dominate the East Coast and spread throughout 40 different states in the country. Their main headquarters is located in Philadelphia. Comcast is owned by NBC, who bought the company in 2011. Comcast focuses on providing cable, phone and Internet to their customers across the country. They also do business in a variety of other media related fields including film and television shows.

The earliest days of Comcast began in 1963. A man named Ralph Roberts bought a company that was at the time known as the American Cable Systems for a half-million dollars. At the time, American Cable Systems had a customer base of 15,000 and offered five different channels.

In 1969, the company was relocated to Pennsylvania and changed its name to the Comcast Corporation. In case you’re wondering, the word Comcast is a mix between communication and broadcasting. They felt that the Comcast name was a great way to get across to your customers what they were about.

The company continued to grow until it became the largest one of its kind today. In 1972, Comcast was released as a publicly traded company with a total market cap of $3 million. Throughout the 1980s, they acquired many other companies which allow them to continue to expand.

History of Comcast CommunicationsBy 1994, the Comcast Company was a top three cable company in the country. They had over 3 million customers and were continuing to grow. Along the same time, Comcast continue to buy other companies such as QVC which helped them grow their customer base.

In 1996, Comcast began offering Internet connections to their customers. A year later, Microsoft gave Comcast a $1 billion investment to use for its Internet services. They began offering DSL lines which were faster than the traditional method of connecting to the Internet, which were phone lines at the time.

DSL lines are not only faster, but they also allowed the user to keep their phone line open while they were on the Internet. This allowed them to stay competitive with the other companies that were offering equivalent Internet services. Comcast began combining their cable and phone offers together with their Internet packages at a discount. This is how they were able to keep and continue to expand their large customer base by using the Internet.

Today, Comcast is the most popular cable and Internet provider along East Coast of the United States. Because of their infrastructure, they are able to offer very competitive prices and top channel lineups and Internet speeds to their customers.

With such a large customer base, comes a huge responsibility to provide acceptable service. Comcast has a large team of employees that are able to help their customers out with any issues they may be having. If you need to reach them, you can call their comcast customer service phone number and get a hold of a representative.