3 Top Cost-Effective Cisco Products For Your Business

Based in San Jose, California, Cisco is one of the largest networking companies in the world. They design, manufacture and distribute Cisco products around the world to aid in company communication and efficient business practices. One of the main reasons businesses look to Cisco distributors is for their unmatched ability to handle all kinds of traffic (over any network and through many different medias), while maximizing your IT budget.Top Cost-Effective Cisco ProductsWith the increased focus on digital means to further business, it makes sense that technology is the key to business growth and success. Appropriate networking capabilities are crucial to the success of your company and proper communication between employees. Every manager knows how much time and money can be wasted after a basic miscommunication. Included here are a few things to know about Cisco products and how they can further your business growth on a budget.

Cisco Business Edition 6000

In the information age, it is critical you are utilizing a company that can stay on top of, and ahead of, the constantly changing digital environment. Failing to remain up-to-date with your technology could do serious damage to your business’ revenue. One of the prefered options for midsize companies is the Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE6000).

At its core, the BE6000 is a full-featured, integrated option for midsize companies. Primary features include video and voice calls, conferencing, instant messaging and presence, messaging, mobility, and contact center options. All of this is available on just one server! This option is ideal for companies looking for an affordable option with top-of-the-line services.

Running five applications on a single server, the BE6000 offers one of the fastest, and smoothest, set-up processes of any system out there. With the WebEx cloud based system, Enterprise License Manager and option for redundancy, BE6000 is an all-encompassing system. The WebEx system allows for more efficient and productive meeting times and can be utilized with the same properties in office and at remote sites.

Additionally, the BE6000 offers a streamlined licensing system, so your company does not have to worry about individual licensing applications for phones, contact centers, voicemail and so on. Imagine the simplicity of having one space to look up all of your licensing contracts and keep things up-to-date! The redundancy feature of the BE6000 is also incredibly valuable to businesses concerned with backup processes. By deploying a second server to run another five applications, your company will be able to stay active and in business should one server go down.

Cisco Telepresence

For an easily manageable system that improves productivity, look no further than the Cisco Telepresence. With the most reliable, and expansive, portfolio of video communication in the industry, Cisco Telepresence is easy to set-up and manage. Your productivity and ability to work with face-to-face collaboration should allow an improved work/life balance for employees and reduced business travel and expenses.

Cisco Telepresence takes into account the industry-specific mobility, design and collaboration needs all in one interface. Telepresence supports deployment as your telepresence adoption presence grows within the business. And finally, Cisco Telepresence provides a uniquely lifelike, high quality video experience to all users.

Cisco WebEx

For a simpler solution, that is less all encompassing, look no further than the Cisco WebEx. With the increased need for telecommuting in business meetings, it is critical you have a business system that can handle all varieties of online traffic and connection speeds. The key to hosting those webinars is Cisco WebEx.

When using Cisco WebEx, you have the ability to make countless connections with employees and customers from a remote location. Whether you need to demonstrate a product, conduct a training seminar, hold a webinar or make a sales presentation, WebEx has the solutions for you. As with other Cisco options, WebEx offers a simplified setup process with little to no maintenance, mobile online meetings, and one-click recordings of all your audio and video.


Cisco hasn’t made it to the top spot in the networking industry by being lackadaisical about their business policies and principles. Cisco stands behind every product they create and works hard to further their impact for businesses within the networking industry. With a Cisco distributor, you can guarantee your product is top-of-the-line and carefully designed for your business’ success.