7 Things We Wish From The iPhone 7!

Though the iPhones have always been a treat to the users; there are certain things which we as users wish the iPhone 7 has. Apple can always make better use of its resources to meet our expectations, isn’t it?things we wish from the iPhone 7

Here are 7 things we wish iPhone 7 comes up with:

  1. Extended Battery Life

The battery life has always been a huge concern as far as the Apple phones are concerned. For everyone who uses too much of their iPhones, a charge overnight is a must; until the battery as well degrades!

We all need the batteries for Smartphones to be fit enough as per the uses. It would be nothing less than a dream come true if the iPhone requires to be charged once in every two days.

  1. Widgets On The Home Screen

Ever since iOS came into beings, users have been looking up to the time when we’ll be able to find widgets on the screen. We all wish to mix up things than the list of applications that the phone displays in the form of grids. Hope iOS 10 will come with this feature. Widgets like iPhone Manager always make it a little less easy to operate the phone!

  1. Better Photography With The Flash On

As the iPhone 6S and 6S plus came up with the front flash, Apple should also consider on the real meaning of how the back flash is supposed to work.

Photos aren’t really as good with the flash on as the iPhone quality desires. It is a huge challenge before the people, but Apple can always works it up!

  1. Better Sound Quality

The iPad Pro works very well with the speaker system it has; if only the iPhone 7 could as well come up with something which makes the sound system a better one. This is probably among one of the most feasible and possible expectation that the iPhone 7 or further generations of the iPhone could meet up with!

  1. Always Scope For Improvement in The Screen Resolution!

Given the kind of resolution figures other Smartphones are coming up with, Apple should as well work up on the same. Given the screen size, the iPhone 7 must definitely have a resolution which is a little better and advanced!

  1. Wireless Charging

Something which we are quite looking forward to given the progress other phones have made in this field. Wireless charging is one ultimate thing that all of us would surely love to have on the iPhone 7!

  1. Space Is Never Enough!

The base model of Apple Smartphones should have a minimum of 32 GB of internal storage. With so many heavy games and videos and pictures, 16 GB seems to be nothing like it. This again is one of the most realistic features that we can expect from Apple!

Let us see if Apple manages to stand upon even one of our small little wishes in the time to come!