Tips To Manage The Schedules And Work Shifts Of Your Team

Organizing the work of employees and defining their schedules and work shifts are some of the key tasks in the day to day of the manager. But what is the right way to do it? The distribution of working hours throughout the week directly affects the productivity of your team and therefore, the quality of service and attention, which they offer to your business customers.schedules and work shifts of your team

Therefore, today we want to highlight the importance of having an organization system that allows you to manage, with total flexibility, the schedules and work shifts of your auxiliaries based on their needs and possible eventualities, which may arise in the day to day. To help you achieve this, we will give you

5 Tips To Manage The Schedules And Work Shifts of Your Team

Define Schedules of Your Team in Advance

Define the schedules of your team in advance and expose them in weekly meetings, consulting your employees if they have any problems with any of the shifts. For example, with Shift Planner, you can create as many work shifts as you want and then assign them to employees week by week, according to your organization system (for rotations, needs of your workers or standard schedules).

Be Flexible With Work Shifts

Be flexible with the approach to work shifts. If you have three or four types of shift (for example, morning, game, afternoon or reinforcement for noon) it will be much easier to organize your work schedule and give your employees the possibility to request a change, in case of an eventuality or special need. You just have to talk to each other and ask for the change well in advance so you can reorganize the schedule and work for that day.

Types of Shifts

Having several types of shift will help you keep your organization open and fully operational throughout the day. Currently, closing at noon or having merely commercial schedules, cannot only waste time, but also customers. Your clientele has different schedules and take advantage of the free time you have to take care of yourself and perform your personal tasks. Therefore, keeping your business on a wide schedule will help you attract customers and retain those who work in stores and have a split day, for example.

Organize The Work

Organize the work of your employees according to their specialties. Distribute your assistants, depending on their professional skills, so that there is always one in your center that can attend certain services or meet special needs of customers. For example, if you have three workers, in charge of the laser cabinet, make sure that at least two are in turn so you can always offer service, in case the other is busy.

Presence Control System

Implement a ‘Presence Control’ system to optimize the organization of your schedules and verify that work shifts are being fulfilled perfectly. An action such as signing at the beginning and end of each turn can help you keep track of your equipment, even if you are not at the center at that time. If your assistants sign at the beginning of their shift from the clinic computer and do it again when they leave, you can see if they have complied with their schedule, if they have delayed or had to leave before due to any eventuality.

After having taken note of these tips for managing schedules and work shifts of your business staff, do you still have doubts about the advantages of having a management system?