Reasons Why Good Signage is Important in Every Business

Today, a developing and successful business varies on a lot of more aspects than before. It isn’t a surprise managers or business owners are obliged to put additional efforts in their marketing tactics just to steal the spotlight in such a competitive industry.Good Signage for business

The brand of a business is not just a logo. It is a whole new experience that affects whether clients will remember you or not. It also helps a client to decide whether or not he or she will do business with you. Any type of marketing pervades all the things you do. This includes sales promotions, billboards, newspaper ads, magazine, websites, and of course, signs.

Great business signage is the most cost-effective and efficient type of marketing to capture clients and obtain brand exposure, besides marketing adequately the services and/or products a business provides and creating good communication with clients

A recent study done by the Economic Center of the University of Cincinnati found out that almost 77% of customers (8 out of 10) said they had entered an establishment or store they hadn’t visited in the past based just on their signs. Because of this study, people now consider a signage the most efficient, yet most basic type of marketing for a business.

Here are some reasons why businesses must invest in good signage:

Increasing Exposure of the Brand

Great business signage makes the business steal the spotlight from the competition by improving the brand exposure and the possibilities of acquiring new clients and repeat business.


A good signage helps differentiate your store from the competitors and helps establish a special brand in the eyes of possible clients. But, it is significant to remember that you need to know how to create effective and beautiful signs to have one that helps you stand out in the market. Else, the sign loses all its possible customers.

Visiting a professional sign shop helps a person design a signage that works great for the business and helps in relieving all the stress an owner has.


One of the most cost-effective advertising tactics is a sign. Though you might have to generate a huge amount of initial investment, no further costs will be taken, and it advertises your business 24 hours a day once it is ready and installed

24/7 Marketing

A sign works 24/7. This depends on your location and if it is placed inside or outside your establishment. Signs are visible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. Because of this, signs are a commendable investment that works for your business and will not require any effort, no matter what day of the year it is or what time it is


For a business, a sign serves as a sort of a quiet salesperson. Signs placed outside your business bring attention to your establishment and help distinguish it from other businesses in that area. Signs placed inside help clients find merchandise and, when placed on unique displays, it leads to instinct sales. According to the website of the United States Small Business Administration, a sign serves as the main connection between a client and the business.


Exterior signs are often installed building-mounted or ground-mounted. Building-mounted signs are installed in the area of business and might be handy in places where there is a high foot-traffic, like a shopping area downtown. On the other hand, ground-mounted signs take on a range of sizes and shapes. Usually, they are installed near the street to capture the attention of motorists passing by.


A sign is a significant feature of the overall advertising tactic of the business. The brand is usually reinforced by a sign that contains the logo of the business. Also, signs are utilized to convey information and capture attention to promotions about the business. The effect is always there since the exterior sign is seen 24/7.


A company sign is a cost-effective type of advertising for establishments that have restricted advertising budget. According to the website of the SBA, the cost-per-thousand is a lot lower for a sign than other forms of advertising, like newspapers, televisions, and radio. For those who do not know, a cost-per-thousand is a popular process utilized to measure the expense of reaching 1000 possible clients.


A sign is also efficient for off-establishment use. A billboard that is placed strategically sends a brief message to motorists passing by that area. Also, you could put magnetic signage on a vehicle’s side to serve as a type of mobile marketing. In addition to that, you can pay other people to put a sign on their car for extra reach.

One significant consideration is how you plan on using your sign if you are planning to start a business or if you already operate one. An attractive and creative sign helps your business stand out in a world full of competitors. If you do not know, clients are more likely to buy from an establishment they already have heard of. Thus, a sign helps in planting the seed for your sales in the future.

Other surveys have found several other motivating details on a good sign. Here are some of them:

Three out of four individuals surveyed strongly agreed or agreed that on-premise sign is one of the 1st things they see about an unfamiliar or new business.

Almost 86% of individuals surveyed strongly agreed or agreed that signage conveys the character and personality of the business.

Three out of five individuals admit that they have driven past an establishment they were looking for since the sign was unclear or was too small.

A sign is a vital aspect of any business. Utilizing creative and appealing signage sets a business apart from the competition, whether for on-premise or marketing purposes. Today, brand awareness and branding is the key to the success of any business. Thus, utilizing effective sign places a huge difference between being passed by or being recognized by possible clients.