5 Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Small business owners face the challenge of marketing their products in a fresh and appealing way while keeping costs at a minimum. This can be challenging when competing with big box chains that seem to have endless supplies of money and access to top-notch marketing agencies. While it may seem like a daunting task, by utilizing a few simple marketing strategies, small business owners can succeed. Here are five ways your small business can improve its marketing techniques while staying well within your budget.

marketing strategiesSend Personalized Cards

The rise of web-based advertising and consumer outreach has made marketing via snail mail seem like a thing of the past. While many businesses have abandoned this technique, there are significant advantages to introducing personalized mail as a part of your marketing strategy. Research indicates that as many as one in six marketing emails end up in a spam folder, while physical mail is much more likely to reach the hands of your target audience. Personalized mail is also a great way to save money,as online postage options allow you to send personalized postcards in a way that is both personal and cost-effective.Try printing one of your smaller advertisements on a postcard with a brief message and information regarding your website. This will allow you to reach out to your target market in a unique way while improving your web traffic and increasing sales at very little cost.

Distribute Engaging Newsletters

Research indicates that newsletters combined with social media outreach can significantly increase brand recognition and sales. Creating relevant and informative newsletters can be an inexpensive way of reaching out to customers, particularly by making use of e-newsletters. The most important way to keep your e-newsletter from going directly into the junk folder is to create clear and concise subject lines. According to AWeber Communications, subject lines that are straightforward are 541 percent more likely to get clicks than those that are witty or clever. Additionally, as you create your newsletter’s content, remember to give your readers just enough information to prompt them to visit your website. Consider that the ultimate goal is to attract new customers. Keep in mind that yours is only one of many newsletters a potential client will see, so keep the content authentic, simple and interesting.

Create an Effective Website

Creating and maintaining an effective website for your business may seem too difficult to do alone; however, there are small changes you can make to generate more web traffic without the extra costs of hiring a professional. The first thing to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of your company’s website is its usability. The majority of consumers report that being able to easily find what they are looking for is the most important element of a company’s website. To achieve a user-friendly website, make your search toolbar easy to locate, and clearly display your company’s contact information. Another important aspect of your website is its ability to turn visitors into clients. Use interactive tools to assist in achieving this goal by inviting your visitors to take surveys or enter contests, and be sure to offer promotional discounts. These changes will increase the likelihood of turning your website’s visitors into paying customers.

Establish a Credible Social Media Presence

The rising influence of social media on business marketing has made it easier to market your small business in a cost-effective way. Take advantage of free social media marketing tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Keep your social media pages current and fresh by constantly posting engaging information and articles relevant to your target audience. Remember, social medial marketing is a long-term approach, so avoid making your social media presence solely about you or your company. By providing valuable and accurate information to potential customers you will be able to build a larger client base over time.

Start a Company Blog

Blogs have become one of the most influential resources when it comes to purchasing decisions among consumers. Through strategic writing and presentation, your blog may be a tremendous asset to the success of your business. Similar to your presence on social media sites, your company’s blog should avoid being overly promotional. A business blog is a great opportunity to establish your business as a go-to resource for information that is valuable to your target market. Spend time searching online for topics that are important to your client base and focus on writing about those topics. This is a cost-effective way to reach potential clients, as free blogging software is readily available. Additionally, your blog will be much more effective when combined with the efforts of your social medial sites. Promote your blog as much as possible within these sites, and include your blog’s link in all other promotional materials.

Marketing a small business within the constraints of a tight budget is not always easy, however, there are simple and inexpensive ways to promote your business and improve your customer base. By following these five tips, your small business may enjoy fiscally responsible success.