Importance of Having your Business Listed in Online Business Directory

Over time, people’s capability of accessing the internet is increasing at an exponential rate. The smartphones and high speed mobile internet are surely contributing to the cause, there are other influential factors as well. Internet has become an effective media for conducting businesses and social media marketing turns out to be one very successful marketing medium. To get noticed by Google search very efficiently, it is important that your business is listed in various online business directories. By doing so, you are actually giving Google some hints to update their Google Places page with your business and its address, all whereabouts. Almost free marketing never feels bad, does it?Online Business Directory

Online Business in Emerging Economies

The first world developed countries had access to online shopping facilities for many years now. The developing countries that are developing in a hopeful pace for the last few years, especially the countries in South Asia are getting benefitted by this new business trend. For example, online shopping has become largely popular in Bangladesh for the past two years. Endless traffic jam makes the people leave their home least as possible, instead they would purchase the necessary goodies online if available. Hence, business directories in these regions can bring a bump in the profit and revenue graphs.

We have gone through few business directories in the mentioned region, and found few directories with sufficient business entries lodged and a promising team working hard to make them even better. To have an understanding on the scenario we checked out business directory in Bangladesh Infoisinfo. Most directories are new and still listing the businesses – yet the teams’ devotion look very promising.

Apart from Bangladesh, we have gone through business directories in the neighboring countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka etc. The competition seemed fair.

Why is it so important?

Because an online business directory makes it easier to showcase your products or service way easier than the efforts it would take in real life. In present days, people often tend to extend their product related search to online search engines – which saves their time; and your money of course. Listing your business on an online directory is easier than spending humongous amount of money for ads on widespread newspapers and electronic media, but it doesn’t rip your bank account off to list a business on a local business directory – or many directories.

Directories don’t just contain information on how to get in touch with a business; there are user reviews on such directories as well. Kind of gives your potential customer an illusion of what your service providing capabilities may turn out into. It’s a duty for you to manage the online image in an impressive level.

Business endeavors that are already having a good run in the industry may not require getting listed by online directories. But startups and SOHOs require an edge in the field, especially against the co-existing competitors in the market providing identical service or selling similar products. Online directories like infoisinfo will list all the business under specific categories and may provide comparison reviews as well. Usually, all the businesses in local directories are listed area-wise.

Google Yourself

After getting listed on few online business directories of your preference, you may test out the increased online presence by Googling yourself. If the search result pages turn satisfactory results, probably you have successfully taken one necessary step in online marketing.


Online business directories work like any other types of directory you would know – but this specific type lists only business in a specific area, country or region. Listing a business online with all the services provided and products sold will keep you steps ahead than the companies still not listed in these directories.