How Getting a Yoga Instructor Will Greatly Change Your Life?

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” – Bruce lee

This quote is really very relevant to our prevailing lifestyle, because often, our circumstances do not allow us to exercise. Once Barack Obama, president of the United States remarked – “You have to exercise or at some point you’ll just break down”, and that is right, because it is essential to exercise, so that you can eat and sleep right.Getting a Yoga InstructorSo then how do you create opportunity as Bruce lee said? Well it isn’t difficult, because not all exercise requires time to hit the gym or hit the sprawling lawns to get a run, there are some that can be done indoors and at any time – Yoga instantly pops into our mind.

Yoga is perhaps the oldest organized exercise that is still prevailing, and India’s finest gift to the world, while the world acknowledges it, and performs yoga on a war footing, many in India were aloof from it, until it was popularized by baba Ramdev and most recently, the world yoga day.

Here are some key benefits of yoga

  1. Weight loss: Yes! You really don’t have to starve, you can lose weight with yoga.
  2. Stress: With yoga, it is thing of a past, yoga works and bursts your stress as if it never existed.
  3. Awareness: Anything that ancient Indians have ever done in past was closely linked to awareness, including yoga, it heightens awareness and makes you sharper.
  4. Energy: You will witness a greater shot in your energy levels with yoga, because as the nomenclature of the word yoga suggests – it is the sum (Yoga = sum in Sanskrit) of all activities.
  5. Posture: Leaned back or hunch? Well not once you get onto the yoga bandwagon!

All this looks nice, but like how everything comes with caveat, so does yoga, the caveat isn’t about any adverse health effects but the collateral damage of practice itself, watch out for injuries and other things that improper yoga practice can incur.

One must take great care to follow the regimen correctly and ensure that the exercise is done right. Alternative, and a better option is to get into yoga classes, and it isn’t really difficult to find yoga classes, as there is an app called UrbanClap that takes care of everything. In fact, you can also opt to get instructor at your home at minimal costs.

If you have parents at home, and children, they wouldn’t know the saturation level of stretch and neither would you, and that’s why it is very useful that you do it perfectly.

Yoga instructors normally enroll themselves at their portal called “urbanclap for providers” where they get started with no fees, and win your confidence by their sheer talent. There is absolutely zero manipulation nor any preference in lieu of payments.

You wouldn’t have to stretch a lot, as you would be able to get an instructor at a very competitive rate, and indulge in a healthy family habit, that will drive more understanding and peace in your mutual relationships.

Especially with stress and obesity, it pays to get an instructor and once you master the skill, you can always be on your own.

“Yoga is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul.” – says Amit Ray, one of the foremost authorities on yoga.

While it might be difficult to convince your family members to hit the gym, it wouldn’t be difficult to insist them to do yoga at home, and that’s where the good old wisdom comes very handy.

You can read more about UrbanClap India on their website, their blogs, and get their app which is available for free download on apple and android platforms.