How to Swim, Not Sink, During Your Company’s First Year

The internet has allowed millions of entrepreneurs to start their own business. From content marketing firms to big e-commerce sites, tons of folks are hopping on the internet biz bandwagon. But 9 out of 10 of these companies are predicted to fail during their first year.

From starting a company for all of the wrong reasons, to poor management and insufficient capital, there are many risks involved to launching your own business. Here are five tips to abide by to ensure your company does not sink during its first year in business.

Always Expect the Unexpected

When you are the boss of a fledgling company, you need to not just prepare for a rainy day; you need to prepare for full-on thunderstorms. This means doing a lot of homework about the industry you want to enter into. Learn about your local competition and what they are doing wrong and right. Also, research other companies that are like yours and have failed to see what you should not do.

Also, it’s critical that you have at least one year of savings in the bank before you take the initiative to launch your own company.

Show Me the Money

You should have a plan of action when it comes to obtaining the proper funds for your new business. Are you going to fund it yourself or are you going to woo investors to lend you money? You can also go to your bank and apply for a small business loan. Check out several different banks and shop around until you find the right one for you.


Proper Marketing

You will need to get the proper marketing skills in place to get the word out about your company. Hire a consulting firm to help you find new customers. Don’t just take your campaign to the streets; take it online as well. Utilize the power of online marketing to help you reach your targeted market audience. Be sure to create Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and a blog to find new potential customers.

Remember, that you should also not get press too early or too late. About two weeks before your biz launches, get the word out on social media, the local news, and to friends.

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Never Give Up

One of the hardest things to do after you fail is to get back up on your feet and try again. The same can be said about companies that fail.  You should know that you can always try again. There are many serial entrepreneurs out there that had a few bumps in the road before they found something that worked for them.

Remember to work hard and never give up on your dream.