Four Investments That Your Business Needs To Make Over The Next 12 Months

Investments That Your Business Needs To MakeEconomic times are still hard, for both consumers and for businesses. That being said, business owners always need to be looking at the options that they have available.

There are always opportunities on offer. In fact, many of the opportunities are much more appealing now. Many companies are looking to hold back on spending and especially if that spending is an investment. The demand for these opportunities is thinning which means that they are offering much better value for money.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the act of pushing a website up the rankings in major search engines. These search engines include the likes of Google and Bing. Why would anyone want to do this? These search engines combined get billions of searches every single month. A huge portion of these searches are “buying” or “paying” keywords.

Essentially, it means that a lot of the people that search these websites are looking for somewhere to buy items. If your business has great exposure on one or all of these search engines, then you will be able to drastically increase your revenue.

Finding an SEO is not particularly difficult. There are freelancers that work alone, right through to the national media agencies. If you want excellent results, you need to expect to pay big for them.


If your business is hugely profitable and is subject to a huge tax liability every single year, consider investing in the property that you operate from, or other commercial buildings. There are accounting and tax advantages of investing in property which makes this even more appealing. It will also ensure that in the long term, your monthly overheads are minimised and your company has some solid assets.

A company with assets is able to expand extremely quickly, because the company will always be able to access finance, by offering their assets as security to lenders.

The commercial property industry has taken a hit. If you want to buy the building you are operating in, the chances are that you will be able to make an extremely low offer and the owner still won’t be able to refuse.


If your company relies on a sales or delivery team, then you really need to consider ensuring that your fleet is up to standard. A lot of companies try and save money by buying poor quality second hand vehicles, which certainly does not ever work out well.

What you need is to start speaking with a range of suppliers that offer high quality New & Used Trailers for a reasonable price. They will only have reliable vehicles which will have gone through extensive checks before being purchased. Companies such as Howards Commercials can help.


Outsourcing has become incredibly popular over the last 3-5 years. The great thing about outsourcing is that every person that works for your business will be an expert in their field. Outsourcing companies have an employee specialising in every single area that you can think of.

This is much more appealing that employing someone, having to pay holiday and sick pay and only having someone that is skilled in 1 or 2 areas. Outsourcing is actually the cost effective option for your company to be using.


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