Use Video to Boost Your SEO

bost your seoMany website owners still assume that SEO is only about website placement on the search engines and in the beginning, this may have been true. But now, this is only one small facet of effective search engine optimization procedures. SEO is about bringing traffic to a website, engaging the customer, offering education through content, and more. Once you understand the full meaning of SEO, then you can see how video can offer any SEO efforts you already use an incredible boost. The following are just a few great ways adding video can boost your SEO and engage your viewers more effectively.

1) Educate

Video offers a fast and efficient way of educating your visitors. It is assimilated more quickly than content, so it takes less time for a visitor to understand how your product works and under what circumstances they can use it. This can keep viewers coming back for more interesting information, a fact that is registered by the search engines and consequently helps your website rank higher on an index page.

2) Engage

Video is said to engage an audience faster than any other type of web content. If performed correctly, a good video can captivate audiences and this will make other websites and blogs link to the page where you have placed the video and get it ranked better in the search engines.

3) Bring New Traffic

Video can also bring in new traffic. If you add interesting, demonstrative, and informative videos to your website, then refer to them and ask others to like or share them on social media, you can make the video content go viral. The more times it is shared, the more people will recognize your brand and visit your website.

A good example of this technique was used by BlendTec. They created a series of infamous videos where employees used the blenders to blend everything they could think of, including an iPad. This strange marketing method made these videos go viral, and there probably isn’t a person on earth who hasn’t heard of the strange BlendTec videos. Needless to say, this video marketing got the company the SEO it needed and increased their traffic.

4) Keeps Your Audience Interested

The incorporation of videos can also lower your bounce rate and keep traffic on your website for longer periods of time. In turn, this can increase your rank on the search engines. The longer you can keep people on your website, the more Google and other search engines will notice, and consequently consider your website worthy of being indexed more favorably.

Bottom Line

Adding video content to your website can help your SEO efforts in a variety of ways. While it can certainly increase the rank of your website giving you a better search engine listing, it does so in a variety of ways: by getting others to link to the content; by going viral on social networks; by offering interest and keeping visitors on your website. It is for all of these reasons that video can be the SEO effort you make that ties everything else together giving your website an incredible boost in traffic and conversions.

Author Bio

Neil Chrysler is an SEO specialist and consultant. His articles mainly appear on search engine blogs. Check out Think Video to learn more about using video in your campaigns.