5 Tips that will help you become a humble Blogger

become a humble BloggerBlogging as we all know is one of the best things you can do in free time. Also you can learn a lot from it (from technology to make money online tips) rather that doing useless things on social networking sites.

But many people who are new to blogging are not at all connected with blogging thinks that it is the simplest thing to be done. But they are so wrong. Blogging if done correctly can be very simple and effective but is tough to get along.

Your blog runs on the fuel that your readers provide by visiting your blog; and if you are not nice enough to your readers then be prepared for the complete destruction. Apart from providing quality content and doing hardcore promotions, there is another thing that keeps your blog running. That thing is the humbleness in you.

You have to respond to your readers’ comments and queries in a way that does not hurt them. You should be totally frank in your opinion but it should be presented in a way that is acceptable and your reader comes again to your blog.

So here are some 5 tips that can help you in becoming a humble blogger and making your way to success.

1. Be simple with your Writing

You have a very nice and impressive vocabulary with some great but complex words. Good for you, but don’t use them in your blog posts. What’s the point in providing articles in a language that your readers don’t understand quickly? Keep your audience in mind and provide articles in a simple but effective language. Polish your writing skills, experiment with new sentence formation, but keep the words simple and clean. By using complex words, you would only create a bad impression with your readers.

2. Reply comments kindly

Your readers are the most valuable asset for your blog. So don’t make the mistake to ignore them. If they have taken some time to read your blog and comment on the post, then it’s your duty to respond to their comments. Also if you are receiving emails from your readers then always reply to each of them. Be simple and show your love for your readers and you will get love in return.

3. Deal with Negative feedback professionally

Sometimes you will even get negative feedback on your blog in the form of comments. So don’t just reply to it in a way that can trigger a complete war. Be as polite as you can. See in to the matter, see whether his allegations are true or not. If true, apologize to him and solve the issues and if false, then be super-polite and try to make him understand. Be polite and you will see the other readers supporting you.

4. Respect Copyrights

Sometimes bloggers copy articles from other blog and post it on their blog presenting it like they are the author of it. Don’t ever try to commit such mistakes. If you are impressed with a post and want to share it with your readers with your touch in the post, you must rewrite it in your unique way and include a reference point with a link to the original author. This is the most important thing. Respect other bloggers’ hardwork and your work will be respected.

5. Be Soft-spoken

Avoid bogging in a harsh language. You must refrain from using harsh words which can harm other people’s feelings. People love bloggers who present the truth in a polite manner. Rather than using harsh language, you can use sarcasm; that can help.

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PrIyAnGsHu is a blogger, internet marketer and a web entrepreneur from India. He generally writes about gadgets and software on his technology blog and also covers android tutorials on knowtechbetter.com.

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