Top-notch SEO Tools for Bloggers And Internet Marketing Professionals

There are many professionals, who complain that even after publishing worth-reading and informative posts in blogs and sites, they cannot receive good traffic! Obviously, the reason lies in the absence of proper techniques that she or he has to use in Search Engine Optimization of the website or blog. We do understand the fact that it is not possible for a newbie web-based professional to keep track of all these SEO aspects manually, and that is why we thought of coming up with a list of top-notch SEO tools that can help professionals take care of important SEO aspects of a site / blog, without investing that much time. We are sure that you will be able to save a noticeable amount of time if you use these tools, as you can focus more on writing and marketing.

We hope it’s the time to move on with the list.SEO Tools for Bloggers1. SEOPoints

Suppose you have got a list of blogs to publish guest posts in and you want to know basic SEO-based details including Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Google Page loading speed etc. In such instances, it will be great to have a tool like SEOPoints, which brings a set of useful information about a blog/site in single page. It will be similarly useful when it comes to finding comprehensive data about a site in lesser time.
2. SimilarWeb

We already know how important amount of traffic is when it comes to newbie professionals! Well, one of the better ways to increase traffic that your site receives is to analyze traffic sources of your competitor websites and take good steps to improve yours. SimilarWeb gives you a deeper look into traffic aspect of any website out there, including its estimated visits number, referrals, social media reputation of site, top anchor texts that contribute to traffic etc. In a variety of instances, SimilarWeb will come in handy, we bet.
3. Moz

Moz will be one of the best tools you can grab when it comes to knowing many aspects of one website! Using Moz, it will be possible for you to have a look into various sections such as backlinks your site receives from various parts of World Wide Web, rankings of your site and posts, analysis of your brand’s performance in social media platforms etc along with some useful options to fix your website errors and error reporting options. Although a paid service, Moz makes enough sense.
4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs can be your guru when it comes to analyzing backlinks and taking actions to improve Search Engine Visibility of your website or blog. Using Ahrefs, you can have actual number of backlinks you have, classifications inside it and a lot of useful information that will help you blog better and have tremendous growth in terms of traffic. So, Ahrefs is powerful enough to be in the list of superb SEO tools for every professional.
5. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo can be a perfect companion in your journey to effective content marketing. Buzzsumo can be helpful if you want to know the current trends of shareable and popular content. Of course, as far as a blogger or marketer is concerned, Buzzsumo is damn useful.

Although we have used all these tools in one situation or another, we are eager to know your opinion about tools in the list.

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