How you can get more traffic for the word press instead of Blog

Traffic Stats of Other WebsitesWhat is the secret of getting more and more visitors to your portal, or make them getting back to your website over and over again? The answer to this is that as a blogger you need to make use of some exceedingly useful plugins so that you can not only find new readers, but also encourage the older ones to get back to your site again and again. If you are using the WordPress as your blogging platform, you will be able to come across some useful plugins which will help you acquire more real-time traffic towards your portal.

If you are someone who is not good at programming and HTML, it is recommended that you learn how to use the WordPress. You can use thousands of different WordPress plugins and also upgrade them that will help you with the SEO process, user conversions and interactivity, ultimately you will be able to get highly targeted traffic to your website.

Platinum SEO & All In One SEO

The benefits and features of All in One SEO is actually to get targeted real time traffic to your website with other advantages such as being able to fully utilize the features related to the Advanced Canonical URLs, you will be able to generates META tags, customize the page navigations and automatically override any title as well as the Meta Keywords and Meta description you want. I have been using this plugin on my Technology Blog from the first day.

With Platinum SEO, you will be able to automatically optimize page titles and posts which will eventually help you attract your targeted traffic. It will also be useful in generating all the relevant and necessary SEO Meta tags automatically.

Cbnet Ping Optimizer

To acquire more targeted traffic to your site, you may require to make some optimization modifications to your posts from time to time and if you like to make changes or revise your blog posts and also update them on a frequent basis, the best thing to do here is to make use of the cbnet Ping Optimizer plugin which will help you avoid over pinging as well as marked as a spammer.

Google XML Sitemaps

This particular plugin will help you obtain the targeted amount of traffic by creating an XML sitemap that will be useful for the search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing, and Google to index your web portal in a better way. It will also be updating the search engines when you have created a new page or post on your site.

Tweet My Blog

Once you have configured this plugin, it will also update your status over your Twitter profile automatically; your followers will also be notified that you have created a new page or post on your website.

Ultimate Analytics

You need to understand the point where you visitors are actually coming from and it is very important to know while you are generating targeted traffic towards your portal. Ultimate Analytics WordPress plugin will help you see what is working out and what is actually not.