Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring An SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO consultant is a tedious job. When you hit on the query for best SEO consultant, Google will show up with the limitless array of options. Following your first instinct, you will pick the consultant with the highest ranking. But for quality consultancy, you need to get deeper than just ranking.seo-consultant

It is critical to understand that not all SEO agencies are operating equally. Before committing your business to a long-term SEO project, be sure to ask following questions:

Past Experience

Search engine optimization is an ever changing arena. Every year, all prominent search engines change their algorithms for ranking the websites. So, it is critical to choose an SEO consultant who has vast experience with search engine optimization. The agency must know how to navigate with latest updates without affecting the current performance of campaigns. For this, you must scroll through the past projects as well as any case study.

But don’t pick the agency based on years of experience only. You must analyze how the agency has been working with updated technology. Otherwise, you will be stuck with an old company who is practicing obsolete SEO strategies.


Most businesses skip this point while hiring an SEO agency and end up with the poor ranking. You must stay attentive when the consultant is explaining the delivery of outcomes. A professional agency clearly knows how to rank specific type of keyword in particular time frame. Although no one can predict the exact time frame to achieve the desired results, still agencies predict time frames. The better way is to ask the consultant about a plan to measure the success. For instance, you can determine success based on traffic, conversions or amount of quality backlinks or specific ranking. Practically, it takes between 6 – 12 months to rank even a moderate keyword.

Trusted Industry Presence

If you are crucially concerned about your resources and don’t want to end with an incompetent agency; you must check out industry presence of all candidates in your list of potential SEO agencies. Top and professional agencies frequently publish guest posts on top SEO websites. Checking the case study is the best way to analyze the performance of an agency. This way, you can select the seasoned or niche based agency who knows its stuff!

If you are looking for a good SEO company in Bangalore, do not forget to check their experience with local businesses operating in Bangalore. Find out how the company has helped local enterprises for local search queries in search engines!

Testominals / Customer Reviews

Before hiring an SEO consultant, you must ask the candidate about customer reference. Honestly, don’t rely on the customer reviews published on the website. Anyone can add those fake testimonials within no time. You must ignore such biased information.

You should ask the agency about contact information of past customers for reference. Every legit agency will provide you with such information without any issue. Just ignore the agencies who refuse to give any references.

Once you have the contact details, just get in touch with customers and ask about their experience with consultant agency. Their views will clearly state the accurate picture of agency’s performance!

SEO Budget

Once you have narrowed down the list of best SEO consultants, a cost of the SEO project is the last and most crucial consideration. Don’t let the chosen agency proceed your project before discussing the cost. A professional agency will give you the clear idea of how many SEO goals can be achieved in your budget. Honestly, a professional SEO consultancy does not come with cheap SEO offers!

Of course, above cited variables demand the significant amount of time but worth every second. This way, you will end up with a professional SEO agency with guaranteed success of your campaign!