Top 5 Fashion E-commerce Websites in India

Online shopping has very been so easy when we think of the days when the shopping was nothing but a disaster past decade, where not many of the consumers had the trust of the shopping functions were not that trusted that the urban areas, but the people were using the online services in the metro cities as they lacked time to buy those needed items from the market due to their hectic designations.

The time of smartphones and internet has become a pinnacle of the E-commerce industry, and it provided an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to think what the Indian people needed, and they figured it.

That is how the COD function put into good use. The shopping website started from smaller items to huge items like electronics, now even fashion has hit the online market.

But online shopping still has those negative experiences from different websites and choosing the best among them is quite difficult then we shall provide you how to make a good purchase and the best website for the fashion shopping category. Here are the list of top 5 Fashion E-commerce Websites in India

Snapdeal – (each product Goes Through 10 Checks)

Snapdeal is the most trusted. I shop on snap deal personally, and I have not regretted shopping from Snapdeal. It’s not like you might receive a defected product, but One of the best thing about Snapdeal is that you can return the product if you don’t like them and your money will be refunded in a matter of hours. For enquires about products you can contact details of snapdeal.


I wouldn’t say that Jabong is the best website for fashion shopping. You can find thousands of clothes and accessories from jabong, but the product quality is questionable because there is no guarantee that the seller is accepting goods return if in case you don’t like it.

Flipkart – The Mega Store

Flipkart is the first Indian website to offer COD (Cash on delivery) option to the consumers. The company grew tremendously over the past six years now, and the company is expanding its territories, including adding more products.

It is true that the company is standing on the top, but the website has many junk products, and quality is only dying. You can find Samsung earphones which are the first copy or duplicate. So be careful when you shop. For online enquiry you can do flipkart customer care chat.

Amazon – International Shopping Website

Amazon does not require any introduction as they have been around for a while now. The company has over crore products, and you can make purchases from any other website. The site lacks the variety of fashion products like clothing, and the website has many quality issues. So be careful when you are buying on Amazon clothing.

Myntra – Flipkart Initiate

Myntra is a cool source of fashion products. The products have goods return policy so you can be carefree when you didn’t like the product. Myntra has over million products so go around to shop.


The giants of the industry do not agree that the goods which are below Rs.2000 are have not properly inspected for quality checks because the cost of profits might face some cuts. When you shop, make sure that the item has the return policy.