Tips For Marketing Your Own Fashion Line

People that enjoy fashion often foray into the world of fashion design. You can do stuff on a small scale, like hand sewing or machine sewing one-of-a-kind pieces. Or you can go bigger and create designs that you sell to other companies and they get made in mass for marketingYour fashion line could also simply be recycled clothing that you’ve altered to be something new. Or maybe you have a screen printing machine and are using someone else’s plain tshirts to create something cool. Whatever your fashion line is, you need to market it.

Share Photos

If you are sharing photos of the stuff you are creating people are going to possibly share your items online, whether it’s on a Pinterest board or on their own blog post about items they want to own some day. You’ll want to have some well lighted photos, that show off the design, material, and more, of your products.

You may also want pictures with models wearing your creations so people can get an idea of what your clothing will look like on them. Share the photos on your website, social media, and use them for the places you’ll be selling online as well.

Start A Blog

Marketing your clothing line wouldn’t be complete without a fashion blog to go along with it. Use your blog to tell people how to match your latest and greatest with the other items in their wardrobe. If you make shoes, tell them how to pick the right shoes for their outfit or their plans for the day.

Blogging brings people into your website and gives them a reason to peruse your items for sale. Include photos in your posts, and share them to Pinterest and even Facebook. The photos will help pull them in, as well as picking the right titles for the posts.

Get On Social Media

Your social media pages will be one of the ways that many people find you, and your clothing line. Use every social media site you can, as each of them have their own special attributes. Some businesses simply stick with Facebook, which is one of the major ones.

However, Twitter allows you smaller posts to keep people posted on what’s new. You can share photos of your line on Instagram. And, YouTube allows you to show off the behind the scenes, and even gives you a chance to show people a more two dimensional view of the clothes.

Go Local

You also want to make sure that you are advertising local. You’d be amazed at how many people love supporting local artists, and clothing is art after all.Sell at local stores, hand out business cards, use art shows, include local keywords in your blog and website, and hang up flyers too!