How To Date And Not Go Broke

Dating can be an expensive thing, especially if you’re not trying to jump into a serious relationship too soon, but you’re wanting to go out and have some fun nonetheless. Guys aren’t the only ones that pay for dates these days, and if you’re interested in the same sex, then who pays is wide open (the it makes sense for the asking party to be the one that pays).How To DateYou can date around, and have fun, without going broke. You just need to date wisely, and make sure that you are saving money every chance you get. That could mean making a meal at home, or it could mean splitting a pitcher of beer instead of having well drinks. Here are some useful tips and ideas to save some money while you’re playing the field.

Hold Back On Gift Giving

If you’re on date number three or four, and if it falls on a special holiday, like Valentine’s Day, then a sexy, or fun, gift might be appropriate. However, aside from those special occasions, there really is no reason to get into gift giving with someone you are simply dating, and not in a serious relationship with.

Not only will not giving gifts at inappropriate times save you money, but it could save you some heartache as well. You don’t want to buy a special gift for someone you’ve only been casually dating for a month, put tons of heart and thought into it, and then have things end after, and there goes your thoughtful gift with them.

Eat More Affordably

Make sure when you are going out to dinner on dates you are thinking wisely when it comes to where you go to eat, and how much you’re spending on meals. Obviously you don’t want to do fast food, which would be tacky. But you also don’t have to do fine dining, especially on the first date.

Consider a casual restaurant with less pricey menus. If you’re on a date with a nice person, they won’t order the most expensive thing on the menu. At least not without asking first.

Do More Casual Dating

Speaking of casual, do more of that when it comes to dating. Make first dates simply about getting to know each other, and have them over a cup of coffee or a smoothie, instead of a full blown meal. This way you spend less money and get in more talk time.

You can also do more fun things that cost less than going to the movies or a play. Go for a walk on the beach, go bowling, have drink and shoot pool, or at least go see movies when there are special matinee prices.