How To Master Your Website Layout

If you’re not an experienced marketer then you could be excused for not knowing how to go about developing content and layout for your business’ website. Everybody knows that having a website for your business is critical for people to be able to find your services or research a product that you sell. However, what business owners often fall down at is being able to get the right content in the right layout for their website.

For some, this could feel like a small factor in building a website but if you are looking for some serious lead generation through your website, then you need to spend time and effort in developing your content. Fortunately, this infographic provides you with everything that you need to do to make your website perform to its potential.

This infographic from the guys at lists (and displays where to place) 25 features every online business must have in 2017. Through careful research, this infographic has been developed using some of the most successful business websites that have truly mastered website content and layout. This means that you don’t have to work it out for yourself, you have all of the information you need right here. From where to position your telephone number, to how to display you content through video or images, this information can be used as a checklist for you to assess your own website and make changes to your existing layout.

Having clear navigation is a critical factor for any website but did you realise that you should place certain items before the fold and certain ones after it, to gain maximum leverage from it? Content is King and you can use this infographic to help you to develop a really great website that drives huge online lead generation.

An infographic about how to master your website layout.