Looking to Start a Music Career? ConnectPal and Other Platforms Can Kick It Off

Whether you’re a child prodigy or a grown-up who dreams of playing shows after their 9 to 5 job, launching a music career is never easy. Recording demos, sending them to labels, auditioning for reality shows with the hopes that you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame; it can be discouraging. Today, though, there are other ways to get your name and talent out there.Start a music career

Thanks to the rise of social media as an everyday communication platform, more and more musicians are turning to these sites as a way to share their music and build a fan base. With its video content, YouTube has launched the careers of world famous stars like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, and Tori Kelly. From sharing original compositions to recording covers of popular tunes in their bedrooms, up-and-coming singers have used YouTube as a way to garner fans on their way to fame. When an act catches the attention of someone like Ellen Degeneres (who made many past YouTubers famous by featuring them on her daytime talk show), they are well on their way to a real music career.

For musicians who have already built a fan base, another content-sharing platform has emerged. ConnectPal allows users to create a profile, then subscribe to other users’ profiles for a monthly fee. Everyone from influencers to athletes to celebrities use ConnectPal as a way to share their talents with fans while making a bit more money than they would on YouTube. Many users offer perks to their subscribers as a way to thank them, usually in the form of exclusive or early content and discounted merchandise. ConnectPal allows musicians to monetize their video and audio recordings as they build their career. In our constantly connected world, this option seems just as good a way (if not better) to get their names out there as playing shows in bars.

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As a novice musician, you can’t forget about the power of Twitter. This platform lets acts share photos, videos, and text-based Tweets, giving fans live updates of their lives. From behind-the-scenes studio pictures to video snippets of a new song, Twitter is the one-stop shop of social media. Twitter is a smart supplement to content-sharing platforms for up-and-coming musicians, as it helps fans get a peek of their personal lives in addition to their art. Many new artists interact with their followers on Twitter, showing their personalities and appreciation as they work to build their careers.

In past decades, the only ways to get noticed as a musician were to book sets in small venues or hope a record executive liked your demo tape. Now, though, anyone can become a star thanks to the internet. Using social media platforms like YouTube, ConnectPal, and Twitter, new artists can share their music and their lives with fans on their way to the top.