Career Opportunities in Accounting

Few people would question the practical benefit of an accounting degree. We all use accounting directly or indirectly, whether we go to a tax preparer every year, talk on the phone with the accounting department or receive a letter from the IRS. People who are skilled with numbers and detail-oriented are well-suited to enter the accounting field, where there are a number of job opportunities. Whether you earn a certificate or a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting, you can find a position that suits your lifestyle and interests. With the right set of skills and experience you get, the higher the opportunity you have to receive a higher salaryCareer Opportunities in Accounting


One of the most common jobs for accounting degree graduates is work as an accountant. To achieve this goal, it is imperative to have an accounting degree and to pass an exam to become a Certified Public Accountant. Once candidates have passed the CPA exam, they may wonder whether it is beneficial to work as an accountant for a company or to open up a business as a private accountant.

There are many advantages to going it alone, such as freedom to make your own schedule, which can be especially convenient for parents raising children. As no one would need to tell an accountant, there are tax considerations to working as a freelancer, so it is vital to take those issues into consideration. If you want to earn the right degree to become an accountant, take a look at offerings from MVU online.

Accounting Assistant

If you want a career in accounting without the full accounting degree or the CPA exam, consider working as an accounting assistant for an independent accountant or in an accounting department of a company. You will need an accounting certificate for this job with duties that include updating and organizing financial information and assisting the accountant with whatever tasks are needed. Daily duties can range from anything from answering the telephone to helping the tax preparer with calculations.


A bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of all of the transactions done by a business, recording them and reporting on them from time to time. This position requires constant attention to the daily workings of a business and a facility with financial software and spreadsheets. You may be asked to give a report through documents from time to time so executives can assess the health of the business. There are many career opportunities in accounting that involve a close relationship with the inner workings of a company, and bookkeeping is a good example.

Tax Auditor

Most people do not want to see the tax auditor, but if you don’t mind this aspect of the job and have a passion for taxes and compliance, this may be the job for you. A tax auditor analyzes the finances of companies and individuals to make sure the numbers make sense. Certification and experience are needed to become a tax auditor, as well as a sharp eye for irregularities.

Accounting is a degree that will never cease to be relevant, whether the economy is booming or in decline. Consider the diversity of career options for those with accounting degrees and look into programs that will get you working and earning in the field of your choice.