Interesting Ways Tech is Helping People Save Money

Technology is changing the world in subtle ways that you may not have even noticed. Did you know you can use technology to save money every day? Instead of paying full price for those theater tickets or your vacation to Vera Cruz, check out these nifty way’s technology saves people money in the long run.Tech is Helping People Save Money

CLF Light Bulbs

Are you still using fluorescent lights throughout your house? Making the switch to compact fluorescent lights (CLFs) or LEDs could grant significant savings on your electric bill. CLFs use about 33% less energy than the traditional fluorescent light bulb while lasting almost ten times as long. You’ll pay more in the upfront price for a CLF bulb as they typically cost around $20 for a three-pack. However, you can expect to see up to $50 in energy savings per bulb that you replace. Not to mention you’ll no longer have to replace oft-used bulbs frequently.

Cut the Cord

Do you still have a traditional cable or satellite TV subscription? You could save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. The price of combining several streaming services is often much less than what you’re paying your cable company for TV service. Can’t live without live TV and a sports package? Try Sling TV to see if their package might fit your budget better.

Auto Telematics

Many of America’s largest insurance companies offer discounts to customers who install telematics devices on their vehicles. Telematics devices track a driver’s behavior, which allows the insurance company to have a better idea of your risk factor. This new technology is making auto insurance cheaper by allowing insurance companies to customize their quotes on a per-person basis.

Smart Home Systems

A smart thermostat is a good starting point for anyone looking to use technology to save money. These thermostats provide remote control over WIFI and scheduling features so you can stop energy use when you’re not at home. Tailoring your thermostat to your daily schedule can save hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling costs per year. Many of these thermostats are part of an ecosystem of smart home devices. Smart LED lights can tie into the system to turn on 5 minutes before you’re due to arrive or on a schedule you set. Are you going away for the week? Keep your smart light schedule active to deter would-be home robbers. You can turn any device into a smart device with a smart plug. Use a smart plug to put any light or appliance on a schedule and save money.

Google Maps

You may be thinking, ‘how the heck can Google Maps save me money?’ The short answer is Google’s traffic predictions can help you avoid long traffic jams. Google Maps suggests alternate routes to avoid congested areas so that you can get to your destination on time. Google Maps, combined with Waze, helps you understand how much your commute costs each day and find more efficient routes to your destinations. Give it a try, and you’ll be surprised how much it can cut down getting stuck in traffic.