5 Business Podcasts Every Trader Needs to Listen To

In 2019, you can find at least one podcast for every interest. From more common interests like news and comedy to niche subjects like nature conservation and baking, there is something for everyone.

Business Podcasts tradersTrading is no different. There are many trading and general business podcasts out there that fit all sorts of audiences. Whether you want to hear from professionals or hobby traders, learn new styles of trading or get general business tips, here are some of the 5 best business podcasts every trader should listen to.

  1. Chat with Traders

Chat with Traders interviews a top professional trader every episode, highlighting their strategies, ideas, and career paths in a satisfying mix of professional and personal details. Each long-form interview has a central theme, so you can choose to listen based on your favorite topics or traders. Some of the biggest names in trading have appeared on this podcast, making it a great pick for pros and novices alike.

  1. Two Blokes Trading Podcast

Every Monday, trading educators Tom and Owen fill listeners in on the latest news and trends in trading on the Two Blokes Trading podcast. These “two blokes” share their journey as they learn about trading, so this podcast is perfect for newbies. From trader interviews to weekly market reviews to personal stories, you can learn the ins and outs of trading right along with the hosts.

  1. The Daily Grind Podcast

 The Daily Grind Podcast features successful business people and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. If you’re looking to get inspiration for your career, this is the podcast for you. It’s a great break from more technical trading podcasts that still gives career-building tips and tricks. Each episode features a casual interview with an entrepreneur, highlighting obstacles they have had to overcome and how they got to where they are today. Notable guests from the world of trading include Matt Choi, a chartered market technician (CMT) and founder of Certus Trading and Hither Mann, financial educator and CEO of Fortune Academy.

  1. Power Trading Radio

Power Trading Radio is a fast-paced, comprehensive podcast ideal for experienced traders. This podcast offers up a new episode every day so you can keep up-to-date on currencies, commodities, and more. Host and long-time trader Merlin Rothfeld shares his expert advice and analysis on almost every trading-related topic. Stocks, futures, Forex, options, wealth management; you name it, he has covered it.

  1. Bloomberg Odd Lots

Bloomberg’s podcast Odd Lots brings insight into the hottest topics in markets, finance, and economics each week. The hosts also often analyze old stories with a fresh perspective. This podcast is fun, informative, and features high-quality reporting. If you’re looking for a trading podcast with unique angles, this one will definitely keep your interest.

There are so many trading podcasts out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. Listen to one of these on your commute or lunch break for an educational and enjoyable boost to your day.