Increasing Your Company’s Earning Potential With Offline Marketing Tactics

Although online marketing is a huge key in the game of business marketing, you also don’t want to neglect going old school and using offline marketing as well. There are just certain things that appeal to the consumer when it comes to marketing offline, whether it’s the freebies or simply having something tangible they can hold in their hands.

Where you market offline matters just as much as where you market online. You need to know the right places to go with the marketing material you chose to use. Here are some tips that can help you win at the offline marketing game, even in this online marketing world.

Get Some Merch

Merch matters a great deal, and what kind you get also matters. If you spend time at trade shows or business expos you will quickly find out what items go and what items hang around your table from show to show. It kind of, also, depends on whether the items are free or how much you are charging for them.

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When consumers hit up your booth it’s pretty likely they are looking for freebies, but if you are offering them something that they like they may be willing to pay for it. One thing people are often willing to drop some cash for when it comes to merch are screen printed shirts and hoodies. This is a great way to advertise your business.

Other merch you may want to consider includes beer koozies, bumper stickers, buttons, key chains, pens withy our business name and contact info on them, and maybe even trucker caps. If you take some time to research all of the merch options you’ll find everything from coffee mugs to baby’s onesies!

Paper Marketing Needs

On the lower end of the cost scale when it comes to marketing materials, it is important to have things like business cards and brochures. Business cards are excellent for handing out to people even just in passing. They are lightweight and compact to carry around too.

If your business has a variety of facets you may want to consider having a brochure that you can hand out to people, or they can pick up at your storefront or office, that describes all the things you have to offer them. This can take place of a business card for people that may want to describe what you have to offer to someone else in their family, household, or friend circle.

Other paper marketing tools include flyers and signage. What you do with these items is up to you, but they are great for letting people know your business name at expos and for alerting them to special events you may be hosting.