How You Should Get Ready For a Big Presentation/Pitch

In many industries it is necessary to pitch a client with a new idea in the form of a presentation. These presentations usually are very in-depth and offer estimated impact that a new project will have to benefit the client. There are times when one pitch can mean the difference between a company staying in business and closing its door. For this and many reasons it is extremely important to get prepared when walking into a potentially life changing presentation. The following are the best ways to prepare a startup pitch deck.get ready for a big presentationTaking a day to relax is important as too much stress can lead you to make a mistake on the presentation. A boss will understand if you want to review what will be on the presentation for the day as putting too much on your plate can harm the presentation. If possible take a personal day and go do something that you enjoy. Nothing is worse than stressing about a pitch for the entire day before you pitch your client.

The worst thing that can be done is to underdress when pitching a big time client. Underdressing can be seen as disrespectful or that a client’s business isn’t important enough to dress appropriately. One thing that many executives have is a nice watch, while you might not be able to afford a Rolex there are affordable options. There are coupons on Groupon for online stores like Boscovs where you can get an affordable watch without the high end price tag.

Having someone play the devil’s advocate when listening to your pitch to practice is important. This will allow you to field some questions that you might not have thought of. A friend who can find a problem with everything is perfect for the position. Ask your friend to practice with you as they will probably be harsher than the client that is being pitched.

Control everything that you can when it comes to your big presentation. The rest is left up to chance as even the best presentations have been turned down due to cost or contractual obligations. Prep the best way for you, then close the deal of a lifetime!