How To Find The Best Geofence Marketing Company?

Geo-fencing marketing is a specific and targeted marketing strategy that uses location to advertise a service or product within that zone to a targeted audience. Putting it in simple words, you shouldn’t be surprised to see that amazing travel package pop up when you passed by your local travel agent. A clever innovation used on smartphones, this technology “tracks” users without invading user’s privacy, through the internet. Targeted users participate in location tracking when they use applications or other programs that prompt the user to enter their location or allow the website to access the user location.Best Geofence Marketing Company

A large number of companies are now increasingly opting for geofencing marketing through agencies as their strategy. This is owing to the fact that it is not only affordable but is relatively easy to do. Marketing professionals and companies often use geofencing marketing to gather data of a predetermined location called geofence and target their audience in this zone. Geofencing multi-faceted ad campaigns are apt to find consumers based on their exact location and prompt them with “hyper-local” ads and messages. These campaigns can be set across search engine advertisements, remarketing, video advertisements and the likes.

How will Geofence Marketing benefit your brand?

According to a recent study by Skyhook, brands can potentially expect an approximate increase of 20% in terms of conversion, just by adding location data to their ad campaigns. Geofence marketing is on the rise with most companies looking to personalize their ads to customers. Here are some benefits of adopting this new generation marketing strategy as part of your brand campaigns:

  • Affordable as it forms part of an online campaign. Social media sites like Facebook, Google do not add extra charges.
  • Specific as it adds filters to target audience through zones
  • Boosts performance through proximity marketing
  • Beneficial for local businesses
  • Better data collection for beneficial insight on customer buying patterns

If you think your brand could benefit from Geofencing Marketing, read on how to pick a company that excels in it and could help you.

  1. Search

Search online for Geofence Marketing companies. This will give you a chance to read up reviews of other businesses that have used their services.  Think about whether you want an all-around agency or a specific geofence strategy based company?

  1. Discuss

Contact the top 3 companies that you have narrowed down to after thorough research. Discuss your type of business and strategy you wish to adopt that can boost performance. Try to gauge their knowledge around Geofencing and how this strategy is here to stay.

  1. Solutions

Ask them to pitch you their services and solutions. Make sure to keep the following checklist in mind when you review their pitch:

  • Are they easy to communicate with?
  • Are they target driven?
  • Do they understand your business and industry?
  • Are their solutions specific to your business type?
  • What is the quality of their data collection?

Whichever company you choose, it’s important to review the campaign effect regularly with the company to align with strategy and results.