High Time To Save Our Tigers

save our tigers
The project “save our tigers” was started by Aircel an Indian telecom company with WWF-india. Definitely it is the high time to take initiative to save our national animal. Tiger is the symbol of strength and power. I requested everyone to participate in this campaign. We should understand how important tigers are to our environment. Remember when we protect one tiger, we protect a hundred square km of area.

It is not only the governments responsibility to save them. It is the responsibility of every Indian to save our national animal. According to a survey in 2008(by National Tiger Conservation Authority , Government of India)total numbers of tigers left in India was 1411.Surprisingly there were almost 40,000 tigers in the last century.

So it is the real time for every Indian to come forward and participate in this project to save our national animal. If you are a blogger then please write about this mission in your blog. You can also write to your local MLA, MP about this matter.Please spread the word-save our tigers. Your support is the first step to save our national animal.

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