Fruit sorting systems and relative equipments

Thanks to the advent of the informatics and electronic, the world of the industrialization has changed radically its standard and also the way to think the manner of making products in series. For this reason, the food industry has changed in few years, finding every day new solutions that can increase the production reducing the time.

Into the wide range of machinery that are used for this goal, one of the most important for the food industry is the fruit and vegetable sorting equipment. This is a relatively new machine, which is able to detect every kind of fruit and vegetables in order to select only the products with a specific dimensions and shape. As a matter of fact, this element has the opportunity to keep safe only the products which are comply to determined standards and parameters, whereas on the contrary, it is able to throw away the wrong products.


However, the real question is, how much is reliable this machine and how much is it precise? To answer this question, many machines have a precision that can vary from 10 to 50 millimeters in their dimensions in every position. A part from this, there are also machinery able to detect also products with a higher precision. An other aspect to consider, is the fact that the products are always transported in a safe way for themselves and also for people that works around the machine: they are carried on some conveyors made with cylindrical rollers, which can move the object faster and faster, without making any damage to the products.
In addition to this fact, an other point of strength of the fruit sorting system is given by the fact that it can be used for different fruits by changing the parameters of detection of dimensions. So it should be used not only for a single selection of fruits, but also for more than one at the same time if they have a similar shape.

How can be finished the process? This is a parameter that can be defined only by the user of the machine: in particular you have to choose on many alternatives: if you do not have to send the checked fruits in another place, you can simply accumulate them in a normal way, having a higher rhythm of production of about 25 or 30 fruits per second. On the other way if you prefer to send away the fruits immediately after the control of the shape, you can decide to buy a multichannel machine: in fact it is able to split the fruits on more channel, every of which ends with a package. Obviously, this solution must be supported by a machine that helps the process, and can increase the production of your industry in an exponential way by reducing time and mone