4 New Cheltenham Housing Developments: Plans and Completions

Is a property on one of these new Cheltenham housing developments your future home? Building work is continuing apace on several prestigious housing developments in Cheltenham, while plans are being debated for several more sites. Take a look at how these new properties are shaping up, and how to plan a move into one of them in the near future. Cheltenham Housing Developments

  1. Bloor Homes on Prince of Wales Stadium Site

The 170-plus homes on a piece of Cheltenham land close to the Prince of Wales Stadium have been battled over for years. The building work has gone on for a considerable amount of time but house-hunters will be pleased to learn that the homes are near to completion. However, if you haven’t already snapped one up, you are almost out of luck. There is only one home, still unbuilt, that has yet to be sold. The other 175 houses are all spoken for. The design of these homes stands out, particularly for the addition of timber additions that are reminiscent of Tudor buildings, plus the larger than average windows. Many of the homes are fitted with solar panels. The Circa Cheltenham site was previously the subject of intense debate after developers sought to purchase part of the Midwinter Allotments site for the project.

  1. Luxury Homes on the Ullenwood Court Business Park Site

A developer has applied to the council to demolish a set of old buildings on the Ullenwood Court site, and to build a set of luxury homes in their place. Developers say that in the course of the project the existing Ullenwood Court Riding Centre will be relocated to new buildings in another part of the location. The 20 luxurious properties planned for the site will be built according to the architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect in the United States who built stunning modern homes with a distinct flair. The new houses will be located within woods on the site and there will be no major damage, developers say, caused to the trees and plants on the existing plot of land. If you are intrigued by this concept, however, you may have to wait a while because plans are still in their infancy.

  1. Houses on Former Odeon Cinema Site

Regency Place is the new development set to arrive at the site where the Odeon cinema used to be located in Cheltenham. There will be a total of 96 houses on the site, ranging from affordable one-bed flats to larger houses with upwards of four bedrooms.

  1. New Homes Planned Next to Asda

A total of 30 houses are planned for development next to the supermarket, located in Up Hatherly. Plans have been submitted to the council and developers are seeking to build one-bed and two-bed apartments, and homes with three or more bedrooms.

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Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net