Attract Walk-Ins Using Clear Window Clings and Sidewalk Signs

When it comes to advertising your business, there is a number of elements that can make your business shine among your closest competitors. This is the case, for example, when your restaurant is located in the heart of downtown; your closest competitors are literally next to you.

Whereas an attractive web page and a strong social media presence is key to stand out, you also need to attract the attention of those who are still not sure of whether or not to enter your business.

Despite the rapid rise of digital communications, print advertising is not dead. Offline marketing is an effective and affordable method to connect with a broader audience and captivate potential customers instantly. If you want to implement marketing tactics that allow you to experience the results right away, you may consider walk-ins to increase foot traffic to your business, for example using clear window clings and sidewalk signs. How can you use them effectively?


Window Clings

Window clings are like large format stickers, but without the unfortunate residue that makes taking them off a nightmare. You see them all the time on window displays announcing sales or slogans. If you haven’t tried one yet, we strongly recommend that you start right away. They’re not expensive! Check out this online printer that offers professional prints at affordable prices with low minimums of one (most printers make you buy several sets and that makes it hard to try the strategy out).

They offer white window clings, clear window clings and see through window vinyl. Their different materials suit different needs and tastes. But we like clear and white window clings because they’re repositionable.

Window clings add a unique touch, since they’re customizable, and are perfect to display engaging messages that encourage walk-ins: a special offer, “find out more”, “come inside and ask” are just a few of the ideas you can try out.

Window clings can serve multiple purposes- you can increase your brand awareness, add a touch of humor, advertise a big sale or promote your website and social media pages. They are durable and once you are ready to change them, you can remove them with no hassle. What do you need to bear in mind before applying your window clings? Take a look at this short list:

· Double-check the product before setting it up

· Clean the window to avoid unwanted results

· Mark the cling’s position to avoid the need to remove it over and over again

· Ask for help especially if the window cling has a large size

· Apply with firm pressure

· Get paper towels to remove air bubbles

· Take your time to install your window cling

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are typically used in restaurants, retail stores, garages and pretty much any venue with sidewalk access. They are effective attention grabbers for indoor and outdoor use: they’re disruptive nature is a surefire way to get noticed and they can be used to entice people with specials, menus, “today only” or seasonal sales, etc. Indoors these signs, also known as sandwich boards, are not just ideal for promotions but also to guide people in areas with heavy foot traffic with directional instructions; people are used to the “wet floor” signs and instantly look for warnings.

Creatively, these signs can be used for guerrilla marketing and for out of the ordinary campaigns. If you are interested in getting your own, these sidewalk signs come in a variety of frames that can fit different environments, styles and weather conditions. Their primary feature is their portability, making them easily to move around.

Your store-traffic is the result of a mix of well-thought-out advertising strategies. Not one strategy is guaranteed to work permanently, mix it up using versatile marketing tools like the window clings and sidewalk signs above. Design your custom window clings to boost your business in an innovative way and sidewalk signs to maximize exposure.