Wrike Gives You Project Management Tools for Managing Work Without Stress

Managing a project involves lots of simultaneous tasks that need to get done on time. Collaboration is really important. Everything becomes easier when a tool is used to manage and supervise tasks, rather than having to stay on top of things manually. Wrike is a project management software that can do this for you — it assists all team members working on a project, from managers to field people. Wrike’s features allow users to track progress, project issues, budgets, collaboration, and even create reports on a project’s status. Additionally, there are 371 existing templates that users can use to make the project management process easier to jumpstart. Among the many other project management tools on the market, Wrike seems to have garnered much more positive feedback.wrike

The Wrike Background Story

The interactive project management platform Wrike was founded in 2006, and has been around a decade. The objective at the start was to make any large scale project easier to work on by combining everyone’s effort through a commonly-connected platform. After eight years of hard work, it is fair to say that the objective has been reached and yet, development is still being done to make the user experience even better.

Basic Project Management Features at a Glance

For basic project management training hundreds of tools are there in the market. But here, we’ll only discuss about project management tools without stress. Wrike gives you a calendar, a way to create and organize a hierarchy of tasks, and there are ways to build dependencies into every task – all these are listed under the traditional project management features.Wrike Project Management Tools

To collaborate with all the members in a project, Wrike provides communication between entire teams or groups, or with individual users via @mentions. Documents can be shared with other members through these groups, or on individual tasks. And all feedback or discussion around work happens there on the task itself, eliminating the need to search through email to find important information.

Budget management is a crucial aspect every project participant has to go by. Wrike allows for easy budgeting by giving users a work timer for tracking hours, and the ability to generate reports based on how many hours the team has been working.

Notifications make it easier to notice when a change has been made in a project. Not to mention, all updates to projects you follow scroll by your Activity Feed in real time. There are several different types of notifications, all of which can be customized according to your needs, from email notifications and SMS notifications to in-browser visual alerts. Email notifications are probably the most popular among Wrike users.

Full Support via Wrike Support Team

Upon purchasing Wrike, every user gets access to 24/7 customer service through phone call or email. FAQs and common procedures are described in their blog, help wiki, and other instructional materials, available to users.

Wrike for Mobile Devices

Wrike has its own project management app, which comes in both Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to work whenever they need to, and wherever they may be. There is a Google Chrome browser extension as well, which makes it easy to turn any web page into a task or a bookmark. Projects are protected by industry-level encryption and two levels of user verification. On any moderately-configured smartphone or tablet, the app will run at blazing fast speeds. However, in Android, the app requires version 3.0 and higher. All Wrike’s mobile apps are free to use and download.


All in all, Wrike gives users a complete suite for managing not just projects, but any type of work, especially collaborative work. It’s easy to learn, and once implemented, gives you and your project team a way to list down and oversee every task so nothing falls through the cracks, and stress is eliminated. it’s a highly recommended app.