4 Hacks for Improving Your Cold Calling

Whether you’re a sales development rep just cutting your teeth in a competitive industry, or a seasoned pro accustomed to email or text, cold calling can be a lingering source of apprehension. Why is that?

For some, it’s because they want to make a positive first impression so badly that they clam up. For others, the prospect of bugging a stranger feels out-of-character and intrusive. Some people just aren’t confident enough talking on the phone to feel comfortable with the situation. After all, for millennials, phone calls lag far behind texting, messaging and emailing as the preferred mode of communication.

Regardless of the reason, you know it’s something you need to fix. The good news is that with some practice, some psychological preparation and the right technology in your corner you can master the art of the cold call.Improving Your Cold Calling

Make Yourself Comfortable

You might not think so, but you feed off your immediate environment. If your desk is cluttered, if your sightline is busy with activity and if you had a hectic morning, those things will all negatively impact your performance on the phone. Keep a clean desk and position yourself in such a way that you remove any distractions. If your office allows it, use some aromatherapy; it may seem silly at first, but the soothing ambiance of an essential oil might be just the thing you need. In any case, make yourself comfortable and calm.

Leverage Technology

You don’t have to go it alone: you can easily improve your cold calling with the right tools in your corner. Consider a sales engagement software that takes the guesswork out of choosing a lead to cold call. With “queue-based lead routing, ”the system prioritizes your leads in real time so that you are always working the best lead. And with a sales engagement platform’s auto-dialing function, it immediately makes the call for you. So often, the sense of trepidation one feels making a cold call is in the anticipation. No more hovering your hand over the keypad, trying to psych yourself up. With a sales engagement platform, the process is automated, ongoing and a lot less stressful.

Use Logical-Branch Scripting

If your hang-ups surround staying on-message and managing objections, there is another way a sales engagement platform can help: logical-branch scripting. Logical-branch scripting provides you with script information and then adapts to the conversation based on how your lead responds. It might offer guidance, in the form of suggestions or bullet points, or it can be programmed to offer verbatim messaging. Cold calls become a lot easier when you always know what to say.

Be Prepared

Finally, it pays to know your product. If you can sell yourself on the product, chances are you can sell someone else. Take the time to familiarize yourself with what you are selling. Even just the psychological impact of knowing and believing in what you’re talking about can be enough to relax you on the phone. Don’t be afraid to go to your sales manager with questions or shadow another successful SDR.

Cold calling can freeze you up, but these four tips can help you kick off a hot streak. With a little preparation and the right technology, anyone can become a cold call star.