4 Cost-Effective Ways to Deal With Addiction

With nearly 24 million people in America addicted to a substance, the reason for rehab is fairly clear. Unfortunately, many families find themselves unable to foot the bill for proper care which could cause greater suffering to everyone involved. Treatment is highly beneficial, not only for individual families, but also for the economy as a whole.Deal with addiction

One year of methadone treatment for an addict will cost around $4,700, while, if you imprison them, the state will be forking over $18,400 for their care. Additionally, every one dollar invested in recovery for an addict results in a return of $4 to $7 in criminal justice costs, drug-related crimes and theft. If you are facing a loved one’s addiction, consider these cost-effective ways of helping them overcome their addiction.

Submit to Insurance

Fortunately, many insurance companies will cover a stint in rehab for an addicted insuree. Depending on your plan, you may be able to stay for a long period of time or you may only be eligible for outpatient treatment. You also may not have your choice of all rehab centers, but you should be able to get help regardless. Check with your insurance company before signing on with an agency.

Reduce Stress

Something that can cost you little to no money is taking the time to reduce stress in your life. Many addictions can be driven by stress, whether it is related to finances, relationships or personal illnesses. Reducing stress can keep you on an even keel and prevent relapses in the future.

If you are struggling to identify the source of stress in your life, simply take mental notes when you are in certain situations. Loved ones, like a spouse, can also keep tabs on you and note when you become agitated or stressed. By downsizing, selling property, and getting a stable job, you can reduce financial stress.

Increase Positive Family Time

Many addicts suffer from broken relational bonds within their family, which can contribute to stress and poor self-worth. A good way to help rebuild these bonds can be by simply having fun together as a family. Take time to play frisbee in the park, bake cookies, or even play mario kart. Positive family interaction can help rebuild trust in the addict while knitting a safety net for them.

Improve Diet and Exercise

Addiction takes a heavy toll on the human body, and most addicts may find themselves in poor shape. A good way to combat this is by increasing the presence of healthy fruits and veggies in your diet as well as integrating exercise into your daily routine. Simply going for a jog with a friend can release endorphins that will give you a boost throughout the day and help prevent relapse.