Five Things to Remember When Designing the Interior of Your Home Office

Designing the Interior of Your Home OfficeThe last ten years have been the “decade of change” as everything from the way we study to the way we do business, and the way we make friends to the way we break up, has changed drastically.  Technology has played a major role, in particular the Internet and smart-phones.

Thanks to Internet, now there are plenty of jobs, professions, and businesses that you can carry out without leaving the comfort of your home. And even if you are not a freelancer, you will often have to take some work to your home, or you might be looking to earn some part time income from home.

For all these reasons, more and more people are looking to set up an office at home, which is a good thing, because you cannot really work from a living room, or kitchen for that matter. A home office is a lot more than buying a computer table and chair. Ideally you need to have a dedicated room for work. People often make glaring mistakes while setting up the home office, following tips will help you steer clear of these mistakes.

Don’t Choose Aesthetics over Efficiency:

The main idea behind getting a home office is to boost your productivity, mainly by creating a working environment. Aesthetics are important but not to the extent of compromising on the productivity and functioning. Therefore, while buying the furniture, equipment or setting up these things, you must keep the productivity factor in mind before anything else.

The Right Kind of Comfort:

There’s nothing wrong in seeking a comfortable environment but an office is supposed to make you want to work and not sleep. The office interior should be different from that of a bedroom. Being able to work from the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you should create a cozy and tranquil environment that makes you put your feet up and relax instead of getting up and working.

Lit It Up:

Proper lighting is the single most important factor in the interior design of your home office. Proper lighting can make a world of difference to your energy level and mood, so this is one area where you need to invest before anything else. When it comes to lighting, natural daylight is head and shoulders above artificial light. If you have already got a room with lots of sunlight, that’s great, otherwise you can use good quality daylight bulbs, or even take stylish inspiration from neon lighting for a quirky feature piece – who says office decor has to be plain? If you know that you will be working on a computer, you should try to make sure that you have an outside view from the window to relieve your eyes and mental stress from time to time.

Avoid Multipurpose Settings:

Ideally, your working space should be separate, meaning you shouldn’t be using the room for anything else (except maybe for studying). Don’t make it your personal room with a television and the likes, because you will often succumb to the temptation of getting a break and switching on the TV and that will prove to be a big distraction. Having a secluded room, where you go for work will help you stay focused. If you don’t have a separate room, you should consider building a new one (converting your loft into your home office can be a good idea).


While you need a secluded space, the office should look a part of your home, you need to remember this while choosing the wall colors, carpet, furniture, etc. Coming to the decoration, you should keep it simple and minimalistic. The best way is to get some posters with inspirational messages or some art work that inspires you to work more efficiently.