Top 5 Resources for Students to learn the nitty-gritty of Babysitting and Earn

best resources for studentsFor high school or college students (especially girls), babysitting cab be an ideal way to earn some extra income, while at the same time learning a great deal about how to market your services, managing different type of people, and running a business, all experiences that will help you in your professional lives.

Just like any other job, the babysitting rates vary from one client to another and from one babysitter to another babysitter. While some babysitters will be earning as low as $10 per hour, there are babysitters who manage to get as much as $18 per hour … now that’s quite a difference, eh? If you are willing to babysit for some extra cash, it is important that you make the most of your time and try to earn more. Two things that can make you eligible for the higher rates are experience and training, and while you will have to wait for the experience, you can get some training right away and mention it in your portfolio to get much better offers.

You can lookout for a babysitting course or training in your neighborhood. However, if you can’t find one, fret not because you have got the wonderful medium of Internet to help in this regard. Following are five resources that you can use to learn the nitty-gritty of babysitting.

1.  My Med Certificates

This short course covers the basic child care and safety techniques. According to the course description, the learning material is in line with the guidelines issued by American Red Cross, American Academy of Pediatrics, Canadian OHS, and American Safety and Health Institute. The course will cost you a meager $10 and you can go through the contents in less than a day. You will be briefed on the topics like starting your babysitting business, feeding the children, basic first aid, diapering, and a lot more. Upon the completion of the course you will get the certificate and wallet card with your name posted to your address.

2. Youth Online

This online course is actually designed for both, babysitters, as well as the parents (who can take this course to know exactly what they can expect from a babysitter). After paying the registration fee (i.e. $17.50 ATM), you will be getting the learning material, and a business kit to boost your babysitting business including a wallet card, certificate, sample flyer, and checklist for future references. You can register anytime and access the six lessons that will take 6 to 8 hours in reading.

3. Expert Rating

This course consists of seven different lessons, covering the topics like, why babysit, running a business, child safety, activities, discipline, ending with an entire lesson explaining the responsibilities of a babysitter. A very comprehensive course that costs $19.99, all you need is an internet connection and you will end up knowing almost all the basics of babysitting.

4. Babysitting Class

Anyone who is 11 years or old can take this course for $17.50, which includes access to an online class, as well as a personal instructor, to whom you can ask anything related to babysitting. There are plenty of quizzes to assess your knowledge before you appear for a babysitting job interview, and after completing the final test, you will be getting a certificate.

5. You tube

Yes, you read it right. is not only a place to watch funny (and sometimes) stupid videos. There are plenty of highly informative and educating videos available, you just need to search via the right keywords, and you will be getting a number of video tutorials by babysitting experts. You won’t be getting the certificate for watching these videos; still the tutorials will be of great help in teaching you a thing or two about babysitting.

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