Top 7 Best URL Shortening Services

best url shortening serviceIf you are a blogger or a webmaster then I bet you have been using URL shortening services for your blog. If you don’t know what it is, we would like to add few lines about it. URL shorteners are used to make short link of a website/blog and it provides a short nice looking( ! ) link. Today we would like to share the top 7 best URL shortening services for you-

1. URL shortening service is directly from google. This is why I like it most and is number one on my list. I have been using their service for more than one year. It’s short URLs are 301 (permanent) redirect which is SEO friendly.

2. Another useful, fast and secure URL shortening service. It comes with many handy features like URL customization. is most popular among bloggers and advertisers.

3. A free URL shortening service that pays you for using their service. You will get $4 for 1000 visitors. You can also refers others and can 20% commission.Minimum payout is $5.

4. Tinyurl:- It is also one of the most popular URL shortener. With this URL shortener you can change a link name to a topic name. For example if I make a short link of the topics related to SEO Tips, Then the short URL will be look like This type of link is highly SEO and user friendly. handy URL shortening tool.It is fast, ethical and easy to use. Other features included custom shortened URLs and detailed statistics. This one is the official URL Shortener from Stumble Upon and one of the best available in the market. You must have an account with Stumbleupon to use it. Don’t worry registering an account is FREE. This shortener also has a tracking feature too. This URL shortening service is not as busy as others. This shortener has a tracking feature so you can see how many clicks each link received.They provide great service and I highly recommend it.

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