The Best Jobs To Do From Home

Freelancing has become a very viable career option in recent years; however, you have to know what you’re doing. Freelancing is very competitive and filled with many unknowns. You might get into a situation where it looks as if you won’t make enough money one month, for a string of jobs to then fall into your lap in the last week and save you. If you’re not prepared for this unknown factor, then freelancing isn’t for you, however if you like the idea of working from home and being your own boss, then below are some of the more viable freelancing careers.

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Web Design

Web development and design is one of the biggest freelance careers around. Because it requires a highly skilled individual, if you’re good at what you do you’ll never be out of work. Web design is one of the cornerstones of the online world and seeing as every single business needs a website in 2016, you can rake in so much more money than whatever it is you’re doing currently.


After web design, content writing is probably the second biggest (maybe even joint biggest) freelancing industry and it comes in two forms:

  • Ghost Writing – This is where people will hire you to write their movie scripts, plays, novels, etc., for them. You can earn quite bit of money and get to work creatively, but the only issue with this, and why I have never done it, is if you happen to write a really successful e-book that gets self-published by the person who hired you, like 50 Shades of Grey or The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet level of self-published success, you probably won’t be able to live with yourself because your name won’t be on the product and you’ll have to watch the ‘named author’ take all the credit… and the millions of dollars and film deals and TV interviews…
  • Marketing – Digital marketing is one of the biggest industries on the planet and every single agency requires writers of some description, whether it’s writing blog articles or website content. You can make a nice steady living with this kind of work.


Finding a good salesperson is a very hard task that many business owners have to go through. It takes a certain set of skills and determination to actually convert leads into promising sales, so it sometimes makes sense to find a freelancer to do it for them. It’s easier and cheaper then hiring a full time staff member and the salesperson can do as little or as much as the business owner needs.

App Design

Everyone wants an app in 2016. Like the web designer, if you’re skilled enough, you can make a nice little career for yourself. App design takes a lot of knowhow and there are hundreds of companies out there just waiting to harness that so that they can produce their game or idea.

Like I said at the beginning, freelance work can be amazing, but it’s also a bit nerve wracking so it might be a good idea to have a backup plan for when things aren’t going well, whether that’s selling things on eBay or being paid to take surveys through Survey Junkie. If you want to know more about online jobs CLICK HERE.