Alternative Investment Opportunities in UK

When we talk of alternative options, we need to look beyond share, bonds, and securities. We need to look at some more unusual and potentially lucrative investment opportunities. ‘Alternative’ investments is a catch –a term for anything that is not shares, bonds, securities, cash or mainstream property. Beyond these traditional asset classes, UK investors can invest in everything from stamps, fine wine, film scores and even parking spaces.investment opportunities ukWe have listed down some of the alternatives that can be traded on. These are available with top brokers and one of them is ETX Capital. ETX deals with trading and finance spread betting.  Having a discussion with ETX experts on investment opportunity and using the right method will be certainly helpful.

The fact that alternative investment opportunities exist does not mean that these investments are safe or advisable. Before you even consider an alternative investment opportunity, you need to understand the risks involved. Here is a list options for alternative investment ideas.

Structured Products – are contracts with financial institutions where they pay you a defined return on investment in a defined time depending upon the performance of stock in the market.

Bridging Finances – are short- term loans used by property buyers who are expecting to get a mortgage from the bank, but cannot wait for the approval.

Peer – to -peer lending –many websites that put investors together with individuals or business who want to borrow money. The theory is that borrowers can get lower rates than otherwise charged by a bank, while lenders can earn more money on their savings than they could from a cash account.

Stamps – as long as there are stamp collectors, rare stamps will have a value. The most valuable can fetch six or seven figure sums.

Coins – rare coins should be bought through a reputable auction house, which will provide a money-back guarantee.

Fine wine – wine is a serious investment and is typically confined to wines from the Bordeaux region, such as Chateau Lafite and Chateau Latour. The best way to invest is through established wine merchants.

Business angel investing – here investment is made in smaller companies that are not quoted on the stock market. If the business fails, you will not get your money back; if it succeeds, you could make a huge profit.

Equity Crowd funding – this is similar to business angel network but manage completely online.

Land banking – here the land banking companies take a piece of land, parcel it up and sell it off to investors. Hope here is that once the land is earmarked for development, it will soar in value. In addition, if there is no development investors are left holding a useless piece of land either in UK or overseas.