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earning with magpie

Welcome back to earningdiary.I wish a very happy valentine’s day to all my readers. Today I am going to write about how to make money with twitter? If you have a huge number of twitter followers then this is the right place for you to make money. The best thing about be-a-magpie is that the money here you make is the easiest money ever you make. You may thinking what is magpie?Magpie is the largest twitter advertising network. Magpie is about generating a conversation for your band within great social networking context Twitter. It is not only easy to start but also easy to make money. Just you have a twitter account with good number of referrals as mentioned above. Before signup you can even get an idea by entering your twitter user name how much your Twitter account may worth per month. Now if you are interested to make money with “be-a-magpie” just enter your twitter password. You’ll be paid to allow “Magpie” to post tweets to your  account.

How much you can earn?
It depends on numbers of followers you have on twitter. You can make upto $100 per tweet. If you have 400 followers you can easily make $1 a tweet. Minimum payout is €50. Payment will be made via paypal.

Can you make from your referral?
Yes,definitely. When an advertiser signs up through your referral link, you will get a whopping 30% of Magpie transaction fees.

How much magpie tweets you can publish daily?
It depends on you. But the default is one magpie tweet every five tweets. Tweets sent will be matched to the topic of your usual Tweets.

What are you waiting for? Join Be-a-magpie and start making money.

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