One Month Anniversary Of Earningdiary

One Month Anniversary

Today is the one month anniversary of EarningDiary. Earningdiary went live on 19 January and today would be a great day to share about earningdiary with all of you. I will be honestly telling you about my traffic, PR, Alexa rank and of course my earning :). If you look my blog you may find some posts written before 19 January. Actually what I did I wrote 5-6 posts back dated, so when I went live there was a decent amount of contents for my visitors to read. Here is the details.

My traffic stats:- I have been receiving 35-50 unique visitors everyday. It is not great, right? Most of my visitors come from referring sites. Some of them are direct traffic(of course my friend circle). 4% of total traffics come from search engines and 0.95% from other sources. I have been commenting on related blogs and participating in forums and it helps me lot to get some traffic. One thing I must say here I always like to comments on other’s blogs. It is a slow process but its rewarding. It gives me opportunity to know other bloggers a bit better.

Google pagerank:- Earningdiary has a pagrank”0″. Thats good.I always like to start from a BIG ZERO. Google updated PR just before launch my blog. So I have to wait for next PR update(may be in april). I have been trying to get some back links by participating forums, posting comments on other’s blogs and by doing directory submission.

Alexa rank:-Today, my Alexa rank is 1,661,769 and first day Alexa rank was 23,621,782. Yes, there is some improvement. But I will try to come under top 100,000 within a few months.


My earnings:- If you are a royal reader of my blog then you know that I removed kontera from my blog because of poor earning. For more information you can read my post Kontera out, infolinks in. Infolinks doing much better than Kontera. My total earning with kontera was just 9 cent. Yup, its really very poor. But with infolinks I have already make $18.2within 18 days. More than $1 daily. Here is the proof-


Most popular posts:- I have already written 13 posts. Out of them Kontera out,Infolinks in is my top post :). Start Earning With Magpie is second most popular. Both posts got more than 700 views.

I always like to share new things with all of you. I must say here Blogging is really interesting and a new journey for me. I have already learn some great new things which I will share with all of you in my future posts. At last I would like to thank all my readers, friends(both online and offline) and my relatives for reading my blog, posting valuable comments, suggestions and help me to start a site like earningdiary dot com.

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