Quick And Easy Cash Wins

Are you a little bit broke, a little bit skint and you’re wondering how to make some extra cash? Or,  are you a bargain hunter who gets a buzz out of easy cash wins? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some super easy ways for you to make speedy cash wins, right now:

Car Boots

You’ve got loads of old rubbish you wouldn’t bother listing on Ebay, but you know people might pay 50p – £5.00 for. If this is you, it’s time to get yourself to a car boot! For as little as a £5.00 pitch for the morning or afternoon you could bag yourself an easy £100 in just a few hours. Simply box everything up, get a pasting table and crop up at an ungodly hour to set up for the morning. Yes you’ll forgo your weekend lie in, but you’ll bag a few extra quid for a few hours sitting down taking money for stuff you don’t want, which is great!

Online Surveys

It might sound boring, but there’s really no thinking involved at all. All you have to do is sit there and answer questions about products or services. Research companies are always seeking new people to fill out surveys and in some cases, test products out. For a few minutes survey answering you could make a few quid, or you could earn rewards like supermarket vouchers or online retailer vouchers. It’s easy money really! Try Toluna, MySurvey, Valued Opinions, Global Test Market and Your Word.


Mobile Phone Recycling

Discarded mobile phones are horrific for the environment, and when we recycle them we help conserve energy and stop pollution. This is because the mobiles don’t go to landfills and pollute the air, groundwater and soil and new precious materials don’t need to be harvested and manufactured which saves tons of energy. As well as the environmental factor, mobile phone recycling is also super great for your purse. For that old mobile in your drawer (or several old mobiles!) you could make a fair amount of cash – some might even bag you over £100!


Blogging will not only benefit your career (check out this article to see why http://www.careermeh.com/8-ways-blogging-can-boost-career/ ), but it can also boost your bank balance. How? Well, there’s about a million ways but some of them are; product placement, affiliate marketing, pay per click, Adsense and so on. It’s too much to go into here, and it will take some research and effort but, plenty of people earn a living from it so, if you have some spare time and something to write about – why not make money from it?

These are just some easy and simple quick cash wins that could see you rolling in it in no time! Here are just a few other quick cash wins to look into:

  • Write and publish an EBook
  • Review music for cash
  • Enter competitions
  • Get cashback when shopping online
  • Fiverr, PPH and Fivesquids
  • Do mystery shopping
  • Be an extra
  • Dog walking
  • Sell your CD’s, DVD’s and games
  • Sell valuables on Ebay