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Warren Sulmasy graduated in 1984 with a major in mathematics after successfully completing his studies at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania. He started working as a floor trader on the American stock exchange in New York. After starting a day trading firm and teaching securities trading strategies at the New York Institute of Finance in the mid 90’s he made a launch of a Securities Trading Software company in the year 2000. The successful entrepreneur and family man who is the son of a police officer is the founder and CEO of Trinus Investment Partners.Make Money in Penny StocksHe gives information on different topics relating to financial and economics trends as discussed below.

1. Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and the United States Trade Deficit

The ADP is a measure of employment derived from utilizing an anonymous subset of roughly 400,000 U.S businesses which are clients of ADP. The ADP estimates for April 2015 that were set at 200k had a high variation as the payrolls grew by 169k and therefore the report missed big time. This is as a result of the energy and manufacturing sector having been affected by the falling oil prices while the dollar keeps gaining strength.

The Trade deficit for the month of March widened to 41.7 billion dollars from an estimate of 35.4 billion.

2. Review on Small Cap Stocks and Mixed Market Large Cap Stocks on the stock market done in the month of March 2015

There was a trend of the S&P and Dow closing down near the lows of the day after opening even lower. The smaller cap stocks,in this case NASDAQ and Russell opened higher and rallied closing up on the day.

3. Market Pulls Before Fed Statement review done in March 2015

The market closed low having remained the same throughout the day after opening even lower. Having dropped to the 2.06 percent level the 10 year old Treasury bond yield couldn’t do any better. Crude oil had closed down at just below 43 dollars per barrel. The volatility index, the VIX, however moved slightly higher by 0.32 percent and closed at 15.66.

4. A review on the week that the stock market began with a strong rally on March 2015

The market started on a high, creeping upward during the day and still closing on a high. According to BATS exchange data, about 6.3 billion shares changed hands across all trading venues. Crude oil closed down near the 44 dollars per barrel level having moved from the 50 dollars per barrel level. The target still remained 35 dollars per barrel. The volatility index,the VIX sold off having dropped -2.44 per cent to close down at 15.61. For the 10 Year Treasury bond yield, it was a slight dip down to the 2.10 per cent level.

5. Review on the stock market performance on 6 year Bull Anniversary for the month of March 2015

Having opened on a high,the market rallied all day before closing on a high at 2 pm. It is on this day that Apple unveiled the iwatch and replaced the ATT at the Dow Jones Industrial.

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