Four Ways To Start Making Money For Yourself in 2017

If you’re tired of working the 9 to 5 life, or third shift life if you’re a night owl, and you want to start making more money for yourself instead of someone else there are a plethora of jobs that you can start doing. Pick your own hours, do something creative or something that allows you to stay home or spend time away from home when you want to.start making money

There are creative ways to make money, but not everyone is a creative person. So, whether you want a job that is creative or one that isn’t, here are some things to consider doing for a paycheck this year.

Driving People Around

If you enjoy driving around and like people, you may want to consider the new way of “cab” driving- sign up for Uber. There are, of course, some rules. You need to have a certain license, a certain age of car, and room for a certain amount of people in your vehicle.

The more time you have to get out there and drive the more money you will make. If you live in an area with inclement weather you’ll want to be comfortable driving even when the roads are snowy, icy or sometimes flooded. People will want rides even more during those times.

Renting Your Home/Room Out

From airbnb to room swapping, there are some great ways to make a little money now and again from your own home. If you’re a renter you will have to talk with your landlord before you let someone else stay in your place and pocket the money, but if you have your own home you can rent even your couch to someone that wants to couch surf.

Make sure you have insurance on your place, and find out if this is something covered by it, in case the person you rent to isn’t as trustworthy as you’d hoped. You may even want to consider doing background checks on people before you sign any papers allowing them to stay.

Writing Books

If you’re the creative type and have some stories to tell, or have been down a road that makes you excellent for writing self-help books, do just that. You don’t have to submit your manuscript to a publisher anymore in order to get into print, you can self-publish, in print or online as an eBook. Have fun with it, and make sure you promote your books in order to get sales and followers/fans.

Taking Photos

If writing isn’t your thing, but you have a good eye, you could start doing photography for a living. This will start out as a part-time thing, but as you take more photos and find more clients you could expand. Reach out to companies that may need photos of their products, reach out to high school seniors to do their photos, and consider wedding photography as well.