Is SEO the Only Way to Get Traffic To Your Blog?

The most important aspect in building a successful online presence is to get traffic to your blog. If you have a blog and you are trying hard to get traffic from search engines, i.e. organic traffic, but still you are not able to do it then it’s not your fault.get traffic to your blog

The cut-throat competition, different algo-updates being introduced have made it quite difficult to rank in SERPs and get organic traffic to your blog.

But is it really required to get traffic from search engines? Can you become successful only if you get traffic to your blog from search engines only?

Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog.

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. If you have just started to build your traffic, you will face some difficulties in getting organic traffic. But that’s not the end of the road, there are other ways too that can give your blog a good start.

Social Networks are a Boon.

Facebook and Twitter are best traffic sources today for many bloggers. If you are not using these sources, you are losing a big percentage of visitors.

Almost all the people use social networks and if you are not connecting with them there, you will lose the future benefits of having a good social media following.

Also social sharing sites like Reddit and Digg can give you HUGE traffic if your blog post comes on their first page. This traffic can be so large that it can mess up with your servers.

Blogging Communities are the Next Big Thing.

Joining blogging communities like BlogEngage, Bizsugar and Blokube can also give you some highly targeted traffic. If you get featured on these sites, you get both, good targeted traffic and also a bump in social following.

Plus with the help of these blogging communities, you can build strong, long-lasting relationships with top bloggers in your area. Such relationships play a very important role in your blogging career.

Other Ways of Traffic Generation.

There are other many ways to get traffic. You can get good volume of traffic by sharing your articles on different content curation sites, becoming active on Forums, commenting on different blog, doing guest posts etc., there are many ways.

So just don’t stop and try out every possible method of getting traffic. Also video marketing has started to take off.

Why SEO is not the only Way to Get Traffic to Your Blog?

By optimizing your blog for search engines, you are creating a very good base for success, but that won’t bring you visitors. By doing SEO for your blog, you make sure that search engines robots notice it and index it, but what about the traffic.

Why it is difficult to get traffic to your blog from search engines? The reason is simple. There are millions of blogs and thousands out of them are authority blogs.

The idea of a post that you are thinking will rank in Google might already be ranking by 100?s of other posts. So beating high-authority blogs is a BIG dream, precisely an exaggeration.

So instead of wasting your time on getting search engines to notice your blog, you must use other sources to get good traffic. If you are successful in building a good social following, your blog is being noticed and shared in different social networks, the search engines will start indexing your posts automatically and you will surely rank for particular keywords competing with the authority blogs.

Other reason is that sometimes you get good organic traffic but that’s not as targeted as the traffic you can get from social networks and blogging communities.

You might have noticed the behavior of search engines that you search for a particular keyword and you get a completely opposite result. So targeted traffic is not always possible from search engines.

So my personal suggestion would be to concentrate on building a good social media following, building new relationships, doing some guest posts on high quality blogs and without your effort, without any SEO you will get traffic to your blog.

Hope you like it. Happy Blogging.